Succulent Cutting FAQ Questions and Answers

 The #1 Key I have found with succulents is this: Water when the soil is dry, and never water when the soil is wet!

  The following are some basic questions we are often asked about our cuttings, hopefully they will answer the question/s you may have.


 How long will it take to...

Succulents FAQ





The Golden Rule of succulents!

“Water me when my soil is dry, and don’t water me when my soil is wet”. That’s 90% of it! The other 10% is down below.

The following are some basic questions we are often asked about our Succulents, hopefully they will answer the question/s you may have.

What is a succulent?Succulents...

Succulent Wedding Favors are what we do

Succulent wedding Favors are what we do…. At the Succulent Source, we ship out thousands of succulents weekly to customers all over the United States. Many of these succulents are used directly in weddings as favors, centerpieces, cake toppers, in bouquets, bouts, corsages etc. Anywhere a flower can be used, the same goes for succulents! We sell our potted 2″ succulents at $1.35 for our basic...

Echeverias For Sale

Echeverias For Sale !

We have both 2″ , 2.5″ , 4″, and 6″ inch Echeverias For Sale .  These beautiful Nursery grown Echeverias are great as wedding favors, centerpieces and table decor for any event.

Check out our
Etsy stores and for a large variety of echeveria collections, or email us directly at  thesucculentsou...

San Pedro Cactus For Sale and so close to Blooming their Giant White Flowers!

Three weeks ago, this San Pedro only had a couple of little fur balls on her, now she’s getting closer to blooming with bud growth growing fast!

Our 15″ Potted and Rooted San Pedro Trichocereus Cactus are for sale at $25.00 and then shipping.
Established, growing, and producing beautiful flower blooms.  What more do you need?

Beautiful Sempervivum Hens and Chicks succulent Collection for sale

Have you hugged your sempervivums today?

Blaise is hugging his two 1 gallon containers of sempervivums aka hens and chicks.  How can you not want these for yourself or to give away as gifts!

Sempervivums are legendary for keeping away Thor, the mighty God of Thunder and Lightning.  Do you need any other reason to buy these guys?

$19.00 and shipping and they are yours! We can also sell them...

Beautiful Succulent and Pail Wedding Favor Kits for sale at great prices!

Looking for the perfect favor for your Wedding/Shower or Party? Look no further!!!
The Succulent Source is proud to offer our Wedding Favor kit that comes with both beautiful succulents and cute silver (we now offer Gold, silver matte, and white..please specify your color upon purchase) pails and whalla::
You have the best favor money can buy. So easy, take your plant out...

Steel and Succulents come together to make cool Living Wall Succulent Art

What happens when steel and succulents come together with a little creativity?

Living Wall Art that looks incredible!

The steel creations, created by Mike Moffett,  owner of M M Industriesin Stanwood, WA. has teamed with us at the Succulent Source to bring living wall art to new industrial heights! Creatively designed with quality and lifelong durabilty in mind, these steel frames will house...

Echeveria succulents for sale and making cuttings from them

As I walk around our yard and nursery, Echeverias are growing and growing, many are shooting off their blooms, and many have new pups popping out of their sides! Generally, when I make cuttings from many of our echeverias, it is best to cut between the leaves which doesn’t always leave you a long stem, but no worries, it’ll produce roots none the less. This also benefits the plant as it will shoot...

Succulent cuttings and cuttings and more cuttings

I grab my little clippers, a couple of our big plastic trays, and head out into our yard/nursery and begin cutting our succulents. Cutting succulents is a journey. The closest plants we have to our back door are some large groupings of Aeoniums, green, green and purple, and almost black but really purple! The cutting is easy, within a few minutes I have enough Aeoniums to move on to the next...

Agaves for sale and aloes too

One of the many rewards of owning succulents and cactus are their yearly production of flowers and blooms. Aloes shooting up their succulent stalks with buttercups of nectar that attract hummingbirds of all types. Agaves may or or may not be ready to end their time on earth, but it’s always still amazing when even the smaller diameter types can still produce the strength to shoot a beam to the sky...

Succulent Cuttings with over 40 varieties

Buying succulent cuttings is a great way to quickly buy a large variety of succulents at the cheapest price. Whether you want them short to start your living wall, wall garden or wreath, or longer to transplant to a succulent dish or pot, variety is always good as the colors, sizes, tectures and shapes are what make succulents so interesting and beautiful! We sell succulent cuttings anywhere from...