Succulent wedding Favors are what we do…. At the Succulent Source, we ship out thousands of succulents weekly to customers all over the United States.  Many of these succulents are used directly in weddings as favors, centerpieces, cake toppers, in bouquets, bouts, corsages etc.  Anywhere a flower can be used, the same goes for succulents! We sell our potted 2″ succulents at $1.35 for our basic wedding style collection which consists of 2/3 being rosette/flower shaped.  The other approx. 1/3 are other complimentary succulents that may be other shaped.  For an ALL Rosette order, the price goes up slightly to $1.45 each.  shipping is based on your Zip and the amount ordered.  We often get asked  if we have over 100 succulents available, and the answer is heck ya, we ship out 1000′s every week! We sell single 1 succulent samples for those that want to actually hold and see the succulent for themselves before placing larger orders, all the way to orders over 1500 potted succulents.  You tell us how many you’d like, and we’ll have that many succulents available for you.  Succulents make awesome gifts, and as favors they are super popular for a number of reasons.  They are beautiful, they can be taken home and placed in a visible area as a daily reminder of your vows(versus most favors that will end up in the trash or drawer and quickly forgotten).  Succulent favors are also great for watering purposes as they don’t need to be watered daily or multiple times each week.  Succulent favors can also be re-gifted to another which is a much nicer outcome than being tossed in the nearest trashcan while leaving a wedding venue!

Check out our multiple selling sites, check out our Facebook page for our almost daily updates of real pictures of real orders going out that very same day/week etc.

We are a family run and licensed private nursery that is constantly available to help with any of your succulent questions and needs.  We have 5 young boys, so please keep your calls between 7am and 7pm Pacific Time Monday through Saturday, and on Sundays we prefer to put our business aside and spend it on and with each other appreciating God’s many Blessings in our lives.  But if it’s an emergency, go ahead and email or call and we might be able to respond back!

We like to think our customer service is unmatched , whether initially in the question and answer period before an order is placed, all the way through their arrival to you and the care needed from that point on.  We do our very best to pick out only the nicest and healthiest succulents and cactus you have paid for, and all we ask is that if there is ever a problem(99% plus of the time nothing), you contact us immediately and send a picture as well so we can assess the situation.  We recommend our potted succulents arrive 7-10 days prior to an event, and our cuttings to arrive 3-5 days prior.  Once they leave us, safely boxed and ready for transport, they are then in the hands of the mail carrier system.  Me mark them on all sides with stickers, but regardless, boxes are often abused while in transport. this being said, damage to our succulents while in transit is extremely minimal and with quick notification on the buyers end to us, we can fix any problem  quickly and sufficiently to satisfy both of us.

Our customer’s mean everything to us, we want you to be happy and we want you to share our succulents with those around you. It makes good business sense to treat our customer’s this way, and all we ask is that IF there is ever a problem, just be nice when you call or email as it’s always easier to bend over backwards for a nice person in need than some angry, hostile and abusive jerk on the phone!

Back to our awesome Succulent and cactus collections, we can customize any order based on size, color, specific types of succulents etc.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, there’s a great chance we can locate it/them per our location and knowledge of this business.

You can order directly online or you can send in a personal check, and you can even pay directly over the phone with your credit card.  Whatever is easiest for you.  Succulents For Sale is what we do, please contact us with any questions & comments and we’ll get right back to you.

Cheers! From the Irwin Family @ the Succulent Source!

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