San Pedros have spent all spring and summer growing! Lots of pups popping out of their bases, new growth where cuttings have been made, and now the temps are beginning to get colder.
In our area, inland southern California, and specifically our nursery, temps drop to the mid 20′s quite frequently. Generally San Pedros will do ok with these lows, but some times the fresh growth on some plants may get damaged leaving small scars as they grow out of the damage the following spring. Our SP’s are grown in full shade protected by Pines and Oaks, partial sun, and full sun with full exposure to the elements. SP’s are durable and provide awesome contrasts in color, shape and size to other plants in your garden and yard. They can also be kept in poots or placed in the ground. We don’t get snow here so I’m not sure how that would effect San Pedros, ideally, place a towel, blanket or strofoam cup on their tips if you are concerned about frost.
We offer potted San Pedro Cactus from 12″ 24″ plus. And we can ship all over the country 12 months a year.
don’t hesiate to ask questions