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 ***PLEASE Read, Mesemb info below***

Lithops are AWESOME!

Watering: Please Note:  Lithops are NOT a type of "Water When Dry" plant. DO NOT WATER WHEN THEY ARE SPLITTING WITH NEW Lithops on tueir middle*

ONLY water when the new leaves come and the old leaves have shriveled. This can be 2 times a year.  A light misting once a month is OK in very hot summer months.  NEVER water in the winter months as they go dormant.   That's all they need!!    They are extremely prone to root rot!

Lithops aka Living Stones, collection of individual lithops, they come in a 2.5″ plastic container usually containing 2-4 lithops in each container, but sometimes/rarely only 1 very larger and mature one, based on stock, size and other factors. Sometimes we also ship them in plastic square 2" containers, they will have multiples as well. Sizes and colors of lithops vary based on current stock and season!!!  Please note that 99% of lithops are browns and grays. Other colors are a rarity.  If you are looking for a large variety of colors, please email first as we cannot guarantee the colors we have in stock.

2", 2.5", 3.5" etc. refers to approx. container size.  Each quantity is for ONE container, unless it's an exact listing for multiple containers. 

***Depending on the Lithop growing season, sometimes lithops will begin to naturally split, crack etc.  Lithops can have scars on their sides and on top, this is natural and doesn't mean your lithop is dying.  Lithops split.  Any scarring is not permanent and will be shed when they split!  This is a natural process with Lithops.  They are also one of the most difficult succulents to grow!  Sometimes they just die. No reason, it just happens.  They are strange and so unique!  Have fun and enjoy them!

Sometimes soil gets displaced during shipping, sometimes a plant can come out of it's container, just gently place back in, it won't kill the plant, many mesembs are grown from seeds and are transplanted and moved multiple times during their lives! Don't water for 3 weeks after replanting/transplanting.

Fine gravel may or may not be included, it is extremely hard to keep contained, assume it's not, if it is and you can salvage it, have at it.

*"*We are now offering Exact" containers/sets of Lithops.  "Exact" means you are purchasing the lithops in that picture.*  And we'll be adding new ones every couple of days so keep checking back!



>Rock Cactus (Lithops) :

There are well over 300 types of Lithops. Each are named with the Cole system ( after the man who found the while exploring Africa). They range in texture, size, color,

Tap water or distilled water is fine. Humidity is not required for this plant. Treat it as a cactus.. Be sure not to over water. It will take up all the water that is put in the pot. So if too much water is given..the plant will swell and split.  **I've been told by a grower of lithops a light mist in the winter every few weeks is ok....***

Lighting is just as easy. The Lithops can take full strength sun. No shade is required. However…if doing so be sure to water every week (instead of every other ). For indoors…A window sill with any direction light will do. Too much light is not a problem. Too little light is. You know when the plant is not getting enough light when it appears to be ‘reaching’ for it. Meaning it will lose its rock like appearance and grow taller. If this is noticed, simply find another place with more light.

The Lithops will do fine in just about any temperature that it is given. Naturally found in the desert of South Africa and north, the plant will do fine with temps in the upper 90′s (Fahrenheit) to 100 degrees. On the other side of the scale…do not allow your Lithops to freeze. It will do fine in temperatures in the upper 40′s and greater. If it freezes it will die.

Fertilizer is a requirement that is of some debate with growers. To play it safe…a diluted amount of 20-20-20 plant food ( about 1/4 strength) will be fine about 1 a month. No more than that. After the plant flowers in late Fall/early Winter ( see special notes ) no fertilizer should be applied to the plant until after the new growth comes n.

The soil mix for this plant will vary from person to person. The best mix would be 40% peat moss and 60% perlite to allow drainage. The pot needs to be able to allow excess water to drain ( for fear of plant swelling). So a loose soil will be best.

The growth cycle of the Lithops is quite unique. There are basically 3 stages. The plant has no dormancy period ( that is noticeable ). In the Fall ( sometimes Winter ) the Lithops will shoot a flower up between the
leaves. It will look like a small daisy ( most colors are yellow and white). After the flower dies off ALL WATERING/FERTILIZING SHOULD BE STOPPED!!! It is at this point the plant will rest a short time. Then from the middle again two new leaves will start to form. They will take all the moisture
and nutrients from the old. This is why it is important not to water/fertilize ( it will disrupt the process ). The old leaves will shrivel and die and the new ones will come in and replace the old. After
that point…it is safe to resume watering/fertilizing.

The Lithops will reproduce by runner ( a ‘root’ that will spread out ). A new plant will come up (usually by the parent.) The other way that they will reproduce is by seed.

Important Notes
1) Never over water your plant. It will swell and sometimes split. If this happens special chemicals will need to be applied so that bacteria does not enter the plant and cause it to die. 2) Do not allow your plant to freeze. The Lithops can take a wide spectrum of temperatures above 50 degrees. 3) Do not water or fertilize your plant when it is producing new leaves.This will disrupt the process which it needs to complete

Mesembs also known as Mimicry succulents are some of the most interesting and primitive looking succulents out there!  Naturally found in hot, dry desert type environments where water is an uncommon visitor.  This listing is for 5 different mesemb type plants, potted in their plastic round 2.5" containers.  They come labeled and ready for you to enjoy.  Pictured are some of the types we have, but there are also others not pictured.  Our stock varies weekly, monthly and seasonally, we'll always do our very best to ship out the nicest variety of mesemb mimicry succulents we have available!

***Some Mesembs can shed their skin, they can have nicks and marks and small scars, imperfections,  just like people. 

Really, really watch your watering w/ these guys, google info on each and learn what they like, they are not your common succulent that just needs water when dry, don't water when wet maintenance.  sometimes these guys need to be left dry for months!

***Baby Toes are very fragile.  Sometimes some of their many stems can get cracked and or damaged during shipping.  They are one of the most interesting succulents out there so when we have them available, we'll try and include them.  Damage will eventually be outgrown.  If this is an issue, please make a note during checkout not to include Baby Toes, but it will be your loss!   :)

Sometimes soil gets displaced during shipping, and sometimes a plant can come out of it's container, just gently place back in, it won't kill the plant, many mesembs are grown from seeds and are transplanted and moved multiple times during their lives!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 371 reviews
Cassandra F.
first-time buyer

I purchased a pack of 6 lithops (living stone succulents, they’re also referred to) for my husband as a Christmas present after he accidentally murdered his first. They arrived quickly and in good health! At least from the pictures - I was not there to receive them. (A heat pack was also purchased as they were going to the east coast in December.)
Sadly, my mother-in-law put them in their wine cellar (very cold and no windows - even the overhead light is on an impatient timer) for a few days before we arrived.
But! - these little guys were very hardy! They not only survived the wine cellar and frigid upstate NY temperatures, they successfully navigated the treacherous interstates through the midwest to Chicago, reaching their home destination. We are very happy with the plants, and their resilience.

Joseph S.
Awesome as usual!!

These are awesome specimens and loom even better than in the picture. The customer service and packaging is superb as usual. The flowers are so pretty too!!

Dennis A.
Great Lithops!

I ordered a EXACT 6 pack of lithops. They arrived quickly (within two days and were packaged perfectly. One was blooming when they arrived, now 7 more are blooming. Very healthy plants. The Succulent Source is now my "go to" source for Lithops. I might also mention this was a custom order and the service was outstanding! Giving a 5 out of 5 rating...

Ralph W.
Loving Lithops!

I sent this pack of lithops to my dad for his 83rd birthday. For as long as he'd had lithops, they'd never bloomed, but these arrived in full bloom! They are spectacular, and while he can't do heavy gardening anymore, he can grow these beautiful succulents, watching them daily, keeping them as lovely little companions! Thank you!

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