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Trays 1-12  -  64 2" assorted succulents in each tray

Tray 100  -  50 2.5" assorted succulents in each tray

These trays are not recommended for events. *******Overgrown, under-grown, and or damaged, nibbled on etc. we are not selling these for events,  great head start on the future, get creative with them, all assorted colors.  May need also need tidying up on older/lower leaves when transplanted, make cuttings and restart some if trying to shorten their height etc.*******

Discontinued Container Sale- The following containers have been discontinued so we are offering them up as a gift to you. The succulents will be chosen from stock we have on hand.  

AB1 - 2" succulent with small round ceramic pot

AB2 - 2.5" succulent with wide round ceramic pot

AB3 - 2.5" succulent with silver frosted mercury glass votive

AB4 - 4 2" succulents with 4 square mercury glass votives

AB5 - 4 2.5" succulents with 4 round mirrored votives


  ** PLEASE also order a heat pack if temps are freezing in your state.

Customer Reviews

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I bought this as a gift for my 80-year-old dad. He loved it! He immediately set up an ICU for the babies, repotted them, made some container gardens, gave some away, and has been genuinely happy with the gift that needed him! (ICU makes them sound worse than they are, they are all healthy!) ONe picture under the grow light, and one in natural light.

Amazing and Great Quality for TLC plants and others.

I bought FB 8 and open it up to see that the plants looked like any other! This site always has the best succulents for the lowest price. I was very pleased with the way one of my collections I made with them came out. None of the plants have died, and only maybe 4 were seriously injured. I will definitely buy from this family again. I also bought 3 air plants. They came nearly wrapped up in paper and beautiful. I ordered 12 cuttings and saw that I had gotten a lot for only .67x 12. I love this company and I love my plants. I will recommend you guys to my family and friends. Thanks so much.😁🌵🌱

Second order even more fun than the first

I ordered two FB & Instagram Specials that needed TLC. I first received the succulent TLC lot. They came in as expected in need of fixing up. I cleaned up each plant, repotted most of them into a nice bowl planter and within a few days they were getting their color back. They are now thriving and on their way to renewed full health.
The second order was labeled “cactus hospital” and like the succulents were in need of TLC. I was expecting around 25-30 cactus similar to what I received in the succulent TLC group. When I opened this box and started taking out each cactus it looked like way more than 30 cactus. My final count was a whopping 105 cactus!
It was crazy. I got an awesome variety of cactus too! Absolutely loved them. I went from wanting to make a nice bowl planter of cactus like my succulent bowl to making a beautiful cactus garden in my yard! It took me a couple of weeks to clean them up and get them on the path to better health but it paid off. I was expecting to lose a few after all they were in the “hospital”, however, I was able to save them all. I was so thrilled.
Both orders arrived quickly and in great condition. Each plant was wrapped individually inside the box. You can tell this family owned business takes great pride in the plants that they produce. Even my two orders of distressed cactus and succulents were sent to me with care. I highly recommend buying from these folks as I have had an awesome experience with my orders.
Thank you so much for making it a pleasure and flat out fun purchasing experience from you and your family.

Better than expected!

We ordered the FB special to add some variety to a succulent class we were hosting. A handful were "not so perfect", as expected per description, and we did not use, but there were plenty of cool varieties and plants in great shape! This assortment worked out better than we had expected! Not a bad deal for the price! You can tell this company takes great pride in the products they put out! Will definitely reorder in the future.

Great selection and very well packed.

I think all of these would have survived if it hadn't rained while I had them outside waiting to plant them. I only lost 4, the rest are thriving. It was a nice selection of different succulents, plenty of variety. They came very meticulously packed and shipping was fast. I will be enjoying them for a long time!