Potting Gravel 3 lbs - Black Pearl or Salmon

Types: Black Pearl
Sale price$ 12.00


This is a listing for 3 pounds of potting lovely gravel. This is to be used on top of the soil to dress your containers up.  Also helps keep soil from washing over the sides when watering!

This will be shipped priority mail and should be in your hands in less than a week from your date of purchase!!

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Denise K.

I loved the look with my succulents. Very professional addition to my plants

Cynthia S.

I used the black and it really gives a beautiful contrast against the cactus and pot.

Marisa D.
Black Pearl Gravel

Loooove this gravel! Using it for some of my other cuttings to prevent them from sitting directly in water and using it just as a topper in some other plants. It looks great. The only downside was the packaging :( when i opened it (which I was very careful about considering) the bag actually had a small rip in it and I did notice until 1/4 of the bag was on the floor from it spreading bigger when I picked it up not noticing. Also it was in a zip lock bag with clear masking tape all the way around so there was no way to open it without creating additional rips hence losing more. The quality is great though and I'm planning to buy more, hope its packaged a little better next time!

Maya B.
Looks great!

The black pearl is very nice & has some little flecks of colored pieces mixed in. It looks lovely in the small succulent pots.

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