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Heat Pack

If you are expecting freezing temps (35 degrees and below) during the week of your ship out date, please purchase a heat pack for your succulents as freezing temps can destroy your plants!!! We cannot be responsible for damage caused by extreme coq1ld weather. 

***NOTE:  Temps below 20??? Contact us about expedited shipping!!!! These heat packs are not a match for 20 and below ..we cant guarantee they will survive at standard shipping speeds....

We definitely recommend these if your temps are freezing, but they are no guarantee for temps below 25 degrees. We ship 1000's of boxes out weekly, all over the Country, all year round, during big storms etc. and it is not common/very rare for plants to freeze, but we cannot be responsible if you have them shipped during extreme conditions and they FREEZE.

How many Packs do you need?

  • 1 Pack for every 100 - 2" Plants
  • 1 Pack for every 64 - 2.5" Plants
  • 1 Pack for every 25 - 4" Plants

Again, not common for plants to arrive damaged if the heat pack is ordered, but we can't be responsible for damage incurred by extreme cold.

Customer Reviews

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And these little plants didn't freeze, all the way home!
We are very sorry to hear that the box was badly beaten up during shipping. We put so many fragile stickers on the shipping boxes but sometimes they just don't get read. The heat pack can last up to 3 days in the shipping box. If your shipment takes more than 3 days to get to you, then the heat pack may not stay warm for the entire journey. However it is worth it so that it can keep the plants warm for the majority of the journey. So rather than being cold for 4-5 days, the plant may only be cold for 1 day of shipping. Also, if temperatures are extreme (20 degrees or below) then we recommend the heat pack and expedited shipping.
Rhonda S
Heat pack