Trichocereus Golden Torch Spachianus Ornamental Cactus Cuttings

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Trichocereus Spacianus Golden Torch cacti are awesome additions to any collection, whether potted or placed in the ground. They are prolific flower producers, the size and beauty of their blooms will not dissapoint!  

Spacianus cactus cuttings are also excellent for use in grafting other small and or slow growing cactus onto.

They grow in groups, and when broken off they will root along their length if left on the ground.  Beautiful, Beautiful cactus with beautiful flowers, they bloom through May till October here in so Cal!

*These guys also tend to cork more than others, corking is just a brown discoloration that occurs at the base as they become more treelike for strength etc. Some discoloration/scarring on inner side can also occur, I believe their short spines brushing against each other is the cause of this.  Top growth is always green!!

1 Golden Torch Spachianus Trichocereus Ornamental Cactus Cuttings, will be approx.  12″  in length, these guys are ready to be potted or planted in the ground. 

Please see our Blog on rooting columnar cactus cuttings for information on propagating these guys 




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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ryan D.
Amazing Family Business

High quality cacti, shipped with care and ready to go! Even came with 3 free gifts :) Thank you all!

Mason S.
T. Spachianus

I ordered some golden torch, and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Shipping was fast and professional and even had some free small cacti in there. Would buy again from here.

Kyle G.

Very pleased with the specimen I received. It was very well packed and arrived safely!

Robert P.
Great Plant

Very Happy.

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