Cuttings - Assorted Succulents

rosette succulents for sale

Use succulent cuttings for DIY projects!
Assorted Succulent Cuttings
Cut from a variety of our stock succulent plants.

Your order may vary from the pictures, but you will receive various shapes, textures and sizes including:

Crassulas, Haworthias, Aloes, Kalanchoes, Aeoniums,
Echeverias, etc.

succulent cuttings for wedding wreath diy garden
What are their size and shape?
1-5 inches in length

Approx 1/4 Rosette (Flower) Shapes, 3/4 Assorted
succulent cuttings for wedding wreath diy garden

Ordering for an event? Leave a note at checkout so we ship at the best time.

What colors will I receive?
These cuttings are mainly GREEN hues.

Looking for more colorfulcuttings?

Check out our rosette wedding succulent cuttings.
(They are more appropriate for bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres & other DIY where you need more color "Pop"!
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What are some DIY cutting projects?

Living Walls
Container Gardens
Seasonal Projects
How do they stay in place?
Some cuttings have smaller length stems than others. Floral Pins are often used to hold them down until they establish their own roots!

See YouTube videos showing how cuttings can be secured for wreaths, walls etc.

You can trim them yourself and have additional cuttings!
How do cuttings stay alive?
They no longer have a way to take in water. They will slowly decline in appearance until they are rooted at which time they will begin perking up quickly.

Succulent cuttings will often look worse before looking better, allow rooting to insure this!
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Have more cuttings questions?
See our Cutting FAQ for info needed on rooting succulent cuttings!

If you are looking for larger cuttings or amounts, please message us.
Cuttings FAQ

Customer Reviews

Based on 289 reviews
Love, love, love them.

I love the variety I get. I add it to my collection. I have never been disappointed or had a problem with any order. I especially like the surprise of cuttings.

Once again couldn’t be happier

This was my second order and just like my first, it arrived with great variety and condition of plants. It was delivered within days of my order and I couldn’t be more satisfied with both orders. Thanks for your great work.

Not much variety

I was very excited to receive my cuttings order to start an arrangement, but was very disappointed in lack of variety. I ordered 20 cuttings and received 2 or 3 of the same type for 3 types, which left very little variety. Many were quite dry and have taken a couple weeks to perk back up again. Not sure if that's just what happens with cuttings or not, but definitely won't chance it again. :(

We are sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with your order. We ask our customers to please send us an email as soon as they get their order if there are any issues so we can fix them. We can't find any communication from you regarding your order. We can't fix what we are not aware of. Please note that cuttings are shipped dry so that they don't develop rot during shipping at their cut. In regards to variety, we always ship our healthiest product which may lead to duplicates. We are sorry that you received so many duplicates within your order.
Perfect shower succulents

I received my cuttings a few days before my best friends shower and I was AMAZED at the variety of cuttings! I chose to pot them my self, which was not too difficult. I did keep a couple for myself and they are doing great so far. I’m very impressed. Will order again


this was my first order. It came nicely packed, had no damaged cuttings and a great assortment! Will be ordering again!