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Great succulents

Bought a few to see the quality - planning to use more for wedding favors .
These plants are flourishing and adding interest to my patio!
Definitely going to buy more for the wedding!

Beautiful wedding favors!!

The succulents were delivered in time and nicely packed. All our guests loved and took their plant home. Not one was left behind!!
Thank you The Succulent Source you are the best!!!

Thanks for your purchase, your Favors look great.
Great quality

Love the plants, they all arrived very healthy. Thanks

First order

I was extremely excited when my succelents arrived. They had a safe trip and arrived safely and on time. I am really enjoying them and can't wait to order some more.

Bridal Shower Tags

Perfect final touch for our bridal shower succulent favors. They were beautiful and I'm so glad I added them!

Gorgeous & Excellent packing!

I couldn't be more happy with my purchase and it arrived on time and was packaged great! It traveled across country arrived beautifully!! I will definitely purchase from them again!!

Exactly what I was looking for!

I was looking for a variety of succulent clippings to fill in some gaps in a wreath. These were even better than I was expecting. The clippings were a decent size and perfect variation.

Thanks for your purchase of our assorted succulents. Happy they worked well for your project.
Another satisfied custie...

I am 100% satisfied with my order of cactus from the Succulent Source. They were very healthy and exactly as advertised. If you are looking for quality Trichocereus Bridgesii cuttings, look no further. They are excellent specimens!

Awesome succulents

The succulents came packed very good. They were in excellent condition when arrived. I just love them. They are very pretty and made a big difference in my home. Thank you for such a good product.

1 outta 3 rooted in two weeks with a pic

Commented below forgot to add a pic

So far so good

My order of 3 cuttings came fast.they looked good, differant shade of green more "pc" then expected ... but i read the full text of page so was not disapointed in that. Since i potted them one has rooted the other two have not but are still firm and healthy looking.

Thanks for your purchase. Not sure why you gave us 3 stars though??, as 'they came fast, looked good, still firm and healthy looking'. Rooting can take 2-6 weeks, sometimes even longer, completely out of our control.
1 outta 3 rooted in two weeks

My order came quickly. Since then 1 of the three rooted after only 2 weeks in a window box. One is showing rot where it came with spines of an other cacti stuck into it.The third still hasnt rooted but i expect it will be fine. So far i am happy, thanks tss

beautiful plants - GREAT company

I have to say that I have had a great experience with The Succulent Source. They originally shipped with an arrival date AFTER my father's birthday party. I sent an email and they responded right away and reshipped. The plants were beautiful. I used them as prizes at the party and they were a HUGE hit. I will definitely be shopping here again soon! Have already shared their address with some friends

String of pearls

I still feel that it arrived overwatered. I did not transplant it as yet , but I did loose a lot of it because they died. I would like to purchase a few 2" pots to fill in the void spaces, but I'm not to sure how to do it. Perhaps I can take it to a nursery to help me.
Sincerely, Fran Woodfield franscooter@

The best wedding favors ever

I ordered 125 2" succulents for my son's wedding last Friday 7/14. For six months I shopped for demitasse cups to hold the succulents. This made the cutest place holder/wedding favor ever! Our wedding guests were delighted with them and so was I! My son and his bride said they were a hit!
Thanks to you and your staff for great customer service! Each succulent arrived healthy!

Great buy and very good quality

I purchased the Colored Black Pearl Potting gravel and was very impressed at the quality and the color. I had bought some succulents and they are thriving very good and look very pretty with the black. I plan on buying more in the salmon color in the future.

Fast shipping, cute healthy succulents

Placed two orders. both were pleasant experience and great surprise.

succulents for wed

Amazing clippings came.thought they were small.laid them on table a directed.began to watch beauty unfold.perfect colorful flowers.used. as center piece on a bed of baby's breath. And sat them on a large mirrors. Was a hit.simple beauty.I recommend strongly.thanks

Great collection of healthy, beautiful plants.

Well-packed and prompt shipping. This is a great deal for anyone interested in these unusual succulents. I would buy from this seller again! A+


The Succulent Source is a great company..I used them for my wedding favors..our guests loved them !
They arrived on time and were easy to transfer into our pots.

Wedding shower favors-perfect!

My daughter loves succulents and wanted to incorporate them into her wedding somehow, so I decided to give them as shower favors. I was pleasantly surprised how well they shipped in the middle of July, from the west coast to the east coast, but there was no breakage at all. The little terra cotta pots very well wrapped, and the plants healthy, and a good variety of rosettes. They repotted easily, sprinkled with a little water to stabilized the soil, and into tiny Kraft bags with thank you tags. Really gorgeous and loved by all. Will order again, next time for me!!!

Perfect for bridal shower

I ordered 60 succulents and pails for my daughter's rustic bridal shower. They arrived in perfect condition and were easy to transplant into the pails. Everyone loved them. Great variety so everyone could pick the one they wanted. I'm very happy and would highly recommend your business.

Wedding favors

Great product, loved them.

Bridal shower favors

Delivery was prompt and as promised. For my daughter's bridal shower, we used a garden, "Let love grow" theme, and everyone loved the little succulents in the clay pots and galvanized pots as the favors. They were a hit!


Everyone absolutely LOVED the wedding succulents. I was so happy that they shipped and delivered absolutely flawlessly. I am still getting compliments on these favors and it's been a week! I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone!!!

Jade cutting

Jade grows outside like a weed in the Southwest, but here in New England it is only a houseplant. The SS sent us a lovely, health, mature cutting to get us started with a handsome and exotic house plant. It came in tact, well packaged and is doing great in it's new home, in Weymouth , MA
Nice job, boys!
Dane Ripellino

First order

The plants arrived quickly and were carefully packed and healthy. I make terrariums, dish gardens etc. to sell at markets and craft shows so have ordered a lot of plants online. The plants I received from your company were the best., You have a new customer. Thanks.

Love my first order

This is my first order with the Succulent Source. I am absolutely obs

In love

Absolutely love love love the succulent source, My plants arrived exactly on time and were perfect. I'll definitely be ordering more.

My second order

Did not disappoint! My second order and I couldn't be happier. Great quality, fast shipping, and healthy plants!

Cactui Love

So I can't get enough of how elated I was when I received my cacti or my entire purchase order so I'll just leave it at,,,,,, I'll be back,,,,, for more.


Yeah I'll be back, of course you know your quality so no need to explain and if you don't know then I suggest you learn quick.

Polygona Snowflake

Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love ❤️

Love them

Arrived well packed and healthy. The cilliaris is refusing to root, but I emailed for advice and received a prompt reply. I am hopeful that it will root soon. Very happy with plants and customer service. Thank you Jude.


We ordered numerous cuttings and potted succulents for our wedding in July, everything arrived on time and in great condition! We were very pleased with the purchase and the customer service was phenomenal in regards to the questions we had! Will order again!


The cuttings came very fast (3 days I think) and the email support was very fast also (2 minutes) all my questions were answered, and I look forward to ordering from The Succulent Source again!

Bridal Shower Favors

The bride and all the guests absolutely loved the 2" Rosette succulents! The favor tags were also a great touch. We added ribbon and glued on some glitter hearts to add to the plastic pot that they came in, and everyone could not wait to take them home at the end of our event! They came in very quickly and were in great shape when they arrived. Will definitely recommend to others in the future! Thank you!!

Perfect Escort Cards/Favors

I used to purchase succulents to use as the favors/escort cards for my wedding. I was a little nervous about if the succulents would actually arrive when they were supposed to since they required work to rewater and replant into my own planters, and they arrived exactly on time per the dates described in the order process. We ordered the 2.5" variety and we were incredibly impressed by the variety of plants that were actually included.

Bridal Shower Favors

The succulents were wonderful!! Were delivered safely. Lots of compliments on them at the Shower.

Great Gift!

Ordered 165 of these little cuties! Gave them as gifts to our referring offices. Very well received.

The cacti and succulents are all happily planted in my garden

Cacti were healthy and ready to be potted! Bottom calloused as expected :D Mahalo nui

San Pedro Cactus

My San Pedro Cactus shipped very fast and was well packaged and protected. You always wonder how they're going to ship a plant, but this team has it all figured out. It is beautiful and I can't wait to watch it grow over the coming years! Thank you Succulent Source. I'll be ordering from you for all my succulent needs.

Amazing cactus! Thank you!

My San Pedro arrived very well packaged, and happy and healthy :) I would 100% recommend the Succulent Source to anybody with a love of cacti and succulents. This is a beautiful and healthy plant! I hope to order again sometime!


The plants look exactly like some I could find at my local store with better condition. I am now sad & not sure these will survive. I wasn't pleased with the inital plant when I first got these. It's propagations have also died. I wouldn't purchase again

Thanks for your order. We have no record of any emails letting us know there was a problem w/ your succulents upon delivery 2 weeks ago. Lots of things can happen after arrival, too much sun, excessive watering, humidity etc. can all cause problems w/ succulents. Our policy is simple, if your succulents arrive damaged upon arrival, send us a picture asap and we'll quickly address. We were not notified of a problem, we can't fix or advise if not notified. As per propagation, it takes 2-6 weeks for cuttings and leaves to begin forming roots.

It's growing okay. I'm hoping I can revive it. I didn't receive my plant in great condition. Withering was already present

Thanks for your purchase, I can't find any emails from you letting us know of a problem, the succulent pictured looks perfectly happy. succulents naturally lose their outer/lower/older leaves. They dry up and shrivel and fall off, or they turn transluscent and fall off. It's natural. If the soil is dry, give it a drink of water. If an older/outer/older leave is looking dry, simply and gently pull it off and toss. When succulents lose leaves in the center, their new growth, then there's a problem. This succulent looks just fine.

4 of 80 have died...they were all the same type. They are really picky. Otherwise happy :)


Loving my new addition. Will be sending you more orders soon. You deliver healthy plants. I am so pleased to have discovered the succulent source! Thanks Carol from Maryland.

Beautiful HUGE Cactus!

Even though I have no idea what kind of cactus this is(except some kind of Mammillaria most likely) it is still yet another beautiful cactus that I have received from TSS. It came with two pups, one of which was actually a DIFFERENT variety of cactus than the main large one and the other pup. So I guess you could say I got more for my money!
I even accidentally stepped on one of the pups and walked around with it stuck to my shoe for 2 whole minutes and it still was PERFECTLY FINE! I couldn't believe it! These are some tough cacti! Although there were a few dozen spines that fell off of the large cactus because of shipping damage and the fact it was COVERED in broken pieces of shipping peanuts. But I'm still VERY happy with my purchase as always!
Thanks Succulent Source!


Just delightful

We ordered 100 and then 50 cuttings to use for our wedding favors. The cuttings arrived about a week ahead of the wedding so we were able to assemble the favors right on time. The cuttings were so versatile, beautiful and unique! We used the cuttings for mini terrariums as guest favors and we printed out cutting care info from the Succulent Source FAQ section for our guests. My husband loves succulents and is currently rooting some extra cuttings from left over favors. We'll probably order more cuttings in the future just for fun.

Thanks for your purchase, glad you had fun with them!
2" rosette succulent

The succulents were beautiful and delivered right on time. They were safely packed and in great condition. The guests absolutely loved them! Thank you!

Thanks for your business, we're happy you are happy!
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