Trichocereus bridgesii forma monstrose inermis aka Ornamental Penis Plant

For Sale, potted ornamental Trichocereus bridgesii forma mostruosa inermis aka the Penis Plant.  Some of these guys are shorter/longer than others, with time, they will grow in length and usually shoot out new pups as well!  I believe these are the short form but some grow much longer, especially the new growth so not exactly sure what the strains are doing.  Awesome ornamental specimens waiting for new homes, just find them a nice new decorative container and enjoy their growth!

Also, sometimes there is scarring on them, generally not on the tips, but anytime a tip has a scar, it will gradually move right down the side with new growth. They are cactus and parts do have spines!  Watch your fingers!! Wear gloves!  As with columnar cactus, anytime a tip/top gets damaged, it will gradually move down the side as they grow.

Exacts mean you are buying the Exact pictured cactus.

* 4"  were potted approx 6-2018

1 gallons potted 6-2017


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Great plant! Very healthy and package and shipped perfectly! Will definitely order more plants from the succulent source! Thank you

Great! Very happy!

Perfect, healthy condition, & fast delivery. Highly recommended!

Neat Cactus with Great Packaging

I purchased four Trichocereus Brigessii Monstrose aka. Penis Cactus and they arrived in a timely manner and the packaging is top notch. TheSucculentSource put paper over the dirt and around the cactus and taped the paper in so the dirt couldnt fall out during shipping, then they tightly package the pots so they would not bounce around while also filling the shipping box to the brim with packaging peanuts. They also place several "This side up" lables on the box, though the way they are packaged some accidental mishandeling of the box is planned for and won't hurt your cactus. On larger cactus they even wrap cardboard around the cactus and tape it so if it is turned upside down the cardboard bears the weight...not the cactus.
Super excited to watch these little guys grow and I am happy with my purchase.

Beautiful cacti, but shipping is a headache.

I ordered a number of these during a prolonged period of freezing temperatures, so I ordered a heat pack as well. The package wasn't put in the mail until over a week later, at which point the temperatures had warmed up. The result was that my cactuses were burned on the tips. Over the past week or so the burns have turned into ugly tan and black scarring, which is disappointing. I think this site offers some really wonderful cacti and I have made a couple purchases, but there's too much guesswork as to how long it will take for the package to be mailed, and the burns to my cactus were enough for me to prefer to look elsewhere for now.

We're sorry to hear about the plants. It does take us a week to put these orders together and ship them. However the heat pack should not have damaged the plants as it doesn't get that hot - just warm enough to keep the box warm. We do ask that if there are any issues with our plants once they are delivered to please contact us asap via email with a picture so we can assess any damages and see how we can make things right.
Love love my two orders

I ordered 5 penis cacti. One over one foot tall and 4 babies. They arrived in excellent condition. I had some confusion regarding a discount. The succulent source honored the discount. This family has healthy plants and excellent customer service. I will be buying cacti again and again.