Trichocereus bridgesii forma monstrose TBM inermis aka Ornamental Penis Cactus Plant

Size: 1 TBM Single Tip in a 4" container
Sale price$ 20.00


*Please Read ALL, important info below, thanks!*

*C,D,and F all got a some sunburn on one side, see pics. In a few years these should be bigger clumps and imperfections will be covered up with other new segments, just an fyi.

*March, April, May and June, some of the TBMs may be more susceptible to small red-black pimples which are common with TBMs, excessive moisture and or humidity are tye triggers. Spots will naturally turn regular scar color in a few months. We always do our best to ship the prettiest ones out, but as Description states below, Bridgesiis, and specifically TBMs struggle  with spots especially this time of year for us in southern California.**

**All of the 3-4, 5-6, and 10-12+ segmented tbms for sale will really benefit from larger containers, fresh soil, and more consistent watering.  If you can plant into the ground,  mine here do awesome.  I don't use any fertilizers to increase growth, but cactus respond well to proper feedings! May: Lots of pups forming now that summer is on it's way, be patient, you'll get pups during growing season! 

*Bare-root specimens may be more likely to have bumps and bruises and spots due to washing and handling. 99%+ of the time they will naturally self heal here. Get them potted and allow a month for them to get settled, black spots will turn to normal gray scar color. 

**These clumps are the Short Form version of TBMs.  We do occasionally sell the Long Form strain, please see our other TBM listings.  For larger Bridgesii Penis  Monstrose TBM specimens please see our exact cactus listings.

**10-12 segmented tbms will ship in either their 1 gallon nursery containers, or in 8" containers. Shapes, height, width etc will vary based on stock.**

Potted ornamental Trichocereus bridgesii forma monstruosa inermis  aka the Penis Cactus Plant.  Some of these guys are shorter/longer than others, with time, they will grow in length and usually shoot out new pups as well!  Awesome ornamental specimens waiting for new homes, just find them a nice new decorative container and enjoy their growth!

**There is likely scarring on some of them, generally not on the tips, but anytime a tip has a scar, it will gradually move right down the side with new growth. New segments will form and what it looks like today, will likely be quite different in a year or two.  They are cactus and parts do have spines!  Watch your fingers!! Wear gloves!  Bridgesiis, and TBM's in general are very susceptible to fungal problems due to humidity and or overwatering. They will usually self heal, tue black spot/s gradually turning into regular scar colors.  As with columnar cactus, anytime a tip/top gets damaged, it will gradually move down the side as they grow. If you dont want the spines, clip them off, doesnt hurt the cactus! Sometimes cactus can also split on their sides if given too much water, they almost always self-heal, just part of the life of a cactus.  These are grown in full sun and or partial shade. Full sun tend to be lighter in color, shaded usually greener. Their colors will adapt to your growing environment. These guys naturally scar and get nibbles, and tips may terminate, but new tips will continue popping out. These are outdoor grown with exposure to the elements and their natural environment, we don't spray pesticides on these, critters included.

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TBM Short

Looks good

Happy with purchase

I am very happy with my first experience with TSS. The cactus came with some pimples on it, but that was expected and they day that in the description. I attached a couple photos after repotting this little guy, and a little over two weeks later you can see the pup!

Happy Customer here! Will buy from again.

Sleepy H.

Received this and another lovely specimen and in a month of rainwater I’ve got my very first pup from my tbm from you guys!

And I must say, this fella took “**** cactus” quite seriously


I have purchased this multiple times, and have received my product carefully wrapped and quickly delivered. The shop owners are very punctual and helpful when responding to any questions as well. Would highly recommend, and will continue to order from!

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