Succulent and Cactus Books Agaves and Aloes

Size: Aloes and Agaves in Cultivation by Jeff Moore Soft Cover
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Beautiful Books on Succulents and Cacti from the Industry's best in Photography and knowledge!   These books make the perfect coffee table topper that you will not be able to keep your hands off of or a perfect gift for the succulent lover in your life.  Learn all there is to know about how to take care of and how to identify your favorite Aloes and Agaves.


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Customer Reviews

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Tara M.
Most Excellent!

Having no knowledge at all of succulents, this book has become a handy, and necessary, resource.

Lisa P.
Fabulous book!

Truly a treat for one very addicted succulent fanatic. Beautiful photos, very extensive inventory of both agaves and aloes. Very pleased. Jeff Moore does a great job.

Edie V.
Great Book. Best Price.

I found your company through an online search for this book. It's a gift for my plant-crazy husband, and I'm so happy to order it from a small family business (we have one, too!). Your pricing was the best, and the book arrived quickly and packaged nicely. Thanks!

Creed T.
Aloes & Agaves

Wonderful book! Fantastic photographs. The best Agave photos in print. Worth it for the pictures alone. Coulda used a text editor, but great pics. Fast delivery, too. Thanks--Ct

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