Succulents are what we do!!!   Succulents make awesome favors for weddings and other events! We’ve provided our succulents for Hotels, Restaraunts, School Appreciation Events, Corporate events, hundreds of Weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties, any event type, and our succulents have probably played a part in one!   We sell decorative pails and glass votives, and terracotta pots as well to help dress them up. Below is a link to our specialty 2.5″ succulent alone in it’s black plastic round 2.5″ container, as well as in a 2″ white pail!  Takes 20 seconds or so to do, and you’ve got a great favor to give away,  under $5 bucks, actually $3.85 for our 2.5″ w/ pail,  and our potted 2″ w/ a pail is even cheaper at $2.70.  How many favors are out there, at this price, that won’t get tossed in the trash as your friends and family leave your event?    Succulents are awesome!!!!


contact us  by email at  or call us Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm Pacific time and we’d be glad to help with your succulent needs!

Thanks for reading!!

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