One of the many rewards of owning succulents and cactus are their yearly production of flowers and blooms.  Aloes shooting up their succulent stalks with buttercups of nectar that attract hummingbirds of all types.  Agaves may or or may not be ready to end their time on earth, but it’s always still amazing when even the smaller diameter types can still produce the strength to shoot a beam to the sky of heights from 10-20 feet above!  Upon these stalks to the clouds, hundreds and even thousands of tiny flowers erupt, sometimes producing hundreds and thousands of little pups/babies, or just leaving us pods of seeds to be dispersed by wind and or birds.  That little ugly and neglected cactus that gets rarely looked at during the year now produces a flower or few that are worthy of sitting alone as the centerpiece of your table. I could write for days on the many different gifts these succulents and cactus bring their owners, homes and gardens  each year, but I’ll end this short blog on the Stapelia and it’s giant rotted flesh of a corpse flower that delivers all that it’s name conjours.  She smells, but the flys love her and she’s beautiful from a few feet aback.

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