Buying succulent cuttings is a great way to quickly buy a large variety of succulents at the cheapest price. Whether you want them short to start your living wall, wall garden or wreath, or longer to transplant to a succulent dish or pot, variety is always good as the colors, sizes, tectures and shapes are what make succulents so interesting and beautiful!  We sell succulent cuttings anywhere from 25 cuttings to 1000, and our varieties can go as high as 80 plus for some special custom listings.

Our most popular package though are our 50 and 100 succulent cutting sales.  Our prices are excellent and we like to think our quality and variety is just as good!  Something to consider when buying succulent cuttings as well is that you can always creat new cuttings immediately upon the arrival of your plants.  Take some scissors or other pruning tool and cut away and then let harden in some shade for a few days.  And just like that you should have some new cuttings ready to go!  This being said, not all parts of a succulent will reroot.  Generally a stem will, and most fat/plump leaves as well.  Thin leaves that arepaperlike, generallly won’t, Aeoniums are a great example of this.  Many cuttings don’t even need to be placed in soil to get ‘em started, just laying around in the shade and little roots may begin to appear as the plant seeks out food and water!

If interested in succulent cuttings, whether for your wreaths, wall gardens, pots, and even in weddings as party gifts, favors, centerpieces and corsages, please consider as your source for succulents.  We can also be reached at thesucculentsource@gmail if you have any questions regarding succulents


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