We have easily a few thousand various Trichocereus Cactus on our property, many of which are beginning to bloom.

Tichocereus are perhaps one of the most beautiful blooming cactus I have been able to seen, there blooms are mainly white, but there size stands out above almost any flower bloom, cactus or not.  San Pedro, Bridgesii, and the Golden Torch are three members of the Trichocereus family, and all three have the same and similar giant white flowering bloom.  Many of our Trichos are showing the small balls/tufts of what look like fur on their arms, limbs and branches.  These are the telltale sign that blooms are coming and generally an announcement that summer is near.  It’s quite a  sight when the sound of hundreds of bees draws you up close to witness what looks like an orgy taking place within their petals.  The nectar must be sweet and rewarding as I rarely see anything that draws bees to our property like astand of blooming San Pedro Cactus.  We sell a number of different types of Trichocereus on our website www.thesucculentsource.com as well as on www.gotcacti.com .  Both sites have nice cuttings from 12 inches to 2 feet length that need only to be potted in some well draining soil for 4-6 weeks before they begin forming new roots of their own. My father will often wander our property in the early morning cutting the older flowers off to feed to his tortoises.  Tortoises love flowers and they love these as much as any other!

Apart from their beautiful and giant blooms, Trichocereus, San Pedros also will enhance any garden or home when placed in a pot and taken care of.  We have many planted directly in the brightest spots of sun as well as many beneath trees, protected from the sun and wind and other elements.  Both groups grow well, and in fact, we have a few reaching heights of 15 plus feet in areas protected by too much wind.

That’s all for now, don’t hesitate to send any questions my way or check out our site for San Pedro and Bridgessi cuttings.  They are definately worth waiting for their yearly gifts!