A question often asked when customers receive our succulent cuttings is do they need to trim the ends before planting?

NO.  You should always make sure the ends of your cuttings have a hard calloused edge/tip as this will help keep your succulent cutting from rotting when placed in soil.  If a cutting arrives broken, or you accidentally break the end, just allow the cutting to dry for a few days in the shade before transplanting to some new well draining soil.  A lot of the cuttings we offer on our online website www.thesucculentsource.com are large enough to leave as they are or to make additional cuts from them creating additional cuttings for yourself!  Something important to always remember is to keep your cuttings in a dry shaded area, as well as keeping your newly potted cuttings in a dry and shaded area.  Too much direct sunlight may burn and or wither your cuttings as they  begin forming their new roots.  If creating a Living Wall or succulent wreath, you want to do the same.  Living walls and gardens, wreaths and topiaries need upkeep as your succulents will grow in length, diameter, thickness etc.  Before long, you’ll be needing to trim and prune as needed and thus, creating your own additional cuttings to start new pots and or projects! One area that may surprise many people is that succulent cuttings make for great wedding and party gifts and favors.  You can also create wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages using these wonderful plants.  Succulents are fun, and beautiful, and as yours begin to grow, you’ll soon become an expert in succulent cuttings yourself!  Have fun!  and if looking for succulent cuttings, here’s a link:





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