So it’s 8pm, three of our boys, James, Blaise and Beau are down for the night and Lora and I are on the shipping patio putting together succulents for weddings!  Oh yeah, little Jude, our three year old is with us, he’s putting together a collection of succulents himself, we’ll take pics of them tomorrow and he’ll have an order of his own to sell. We have 2 orders of 200, and an order of 180 2 inch succulents that will go out tomorrow, Friday the 25th so here we are picking rows of 8 and 10 succulents that look not only beautiful in their various shades of green, purple, blue and pink, but also with their contrasting shapes and textures.  And I say to Lora this is kinda cool, we really do play a  little role in the lives of our customers as we choose the specific succulents they’ll be receiving in the next few days.  As party favors and wedding gifts, these little succulents are simple but really beautiful.  We randomly find ourselves or our boys bringing random succulents into our home, they stay a few days on the kitchen counter or dining table, then get taken back out and lost amongst the other plants we have everywhere around us.  We finished and walked back up the hill to our home, I took the path past our  pigeon and chicken enclosure, Jude and mom up the driveway and away from any new spider webs that may have formed.  That’s it,  mission accomplished, our succulent wedding favors leaving our hands to those of our customers.  On to our next orders! Please visit our Etsy store at  or click on this Bridal blog to see our plants in action

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