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Our regular assorted succulent cuttings range in size from 1-6 inches, size is based on a number of factors including the shape of the succulent, season and availability. They’re ready to be planted into your vertical gardens, wreaths, topiaries, pots and or garden. They generally take 3-5 weeks to begin rooting, but once established, they’ll grow and begin to spread creating a future source of cuttings for yourself!  These are not ideal for weddings and events as they may have been cut days, weeks prior and are closer to the rooting stage.  For Wedding cuttings, please see our specific wedding cuttings!~

Wedding Cuttings are mainly rosette shaped, we can work with any diameter to fit your needs for bouquets, corsages, bouts, cake toppers, table décor, centerpieces, etc.  Why throw away all your expensive cut flowers after your event, when you can replant your succulent cuttings!!   We can customize by color and specific plants, etc.

Please contact us directly to discuss the possibilities!!!

Larger quantities are available, as are specific cutting types, please contact us with your succulent needs. Thanks!

In order to provide FREE SHIPPING on the designated Free Shipping cuttings, at least 3 orders of the “5 cutting” listings will need to be purchased in order to cover minimum Priority Mail Shipping charges..**** FREE SHIPPING ONLY APPLIES TO ORDERS OF SIMILAR ”5 COUNT” LISTINGS.  ****Free Shipping does NOT apply with other orders of cuttings or potted succulents etc.**** We apologize for any confusion, just trying to provide a source for small quantities of specific cuttings.