As I walk around our yard and nursery, Echeverias are growing and growing, many are shooting off their blooms, and many have new pups popping out of their sides! Generally, when I make cuttings from many of our echeverias, it is best to cut between the leaves which doesn’t always leave you a long stem, but no worries, it’ll produce roots none the less.  This also benefits the plant as it will shoot new pups from the cut area.

Echeverias come in so many beautiful colors, the rosettes are gorgeous with a variety of different colors, textures, shapes and sizes.  It’s not surprising that Echeverias are so popular amongst collectors and just ordinary succulent admirers!

We have a variety of echeverias available for sale on our site .

Don’t hesitate to contact us, whether it’s for 5 Echeverias, or for 500, we have them in all shapes, sizes and colors!