Rooting San Pedro Trichocereus Cactus and other Trichocereus cacti Planting Instructions


Peruvianus Torch For Sale


Rooting your Trichocereus Cactus Cuttings

Congratulations on your purchase of your Trichocereus Cuttings!

SAFETY Warning:   Always wear Gloves when handling cactus!!!  They have spines, they poke, stab, cut, pierce, and hurt when they come in sharp contact with skin!!!!  If you want soft plants, check out our Succulents!!!

Now comes the fun part of getting them to root,...

Barrel Cactus Seeds for sale

100 Barrel Cactus Seeds for sale picked and packed by James, our 8 year old son.   These little guys sprout well, and will grow into Golden Beauties with a little love!  All $ from these sales goes directly into his pocket/account, he’s an awesome saver, very thrifty with his money, and he loves getting sales! Thanks!


We also sell Golden Barrel Cactus in 2, 4,6,8, and 12″ diameter, as well as...

Peruvian Apple Cactus for sale

This sale is for 1 (Peruvian Apple Cactus Cereus Cactus cuttings approx 12 inches in length like shown in the picture. Average weight is over 2 lbs each/approx 12 inches in length.

Ready to be planted in your yard or decorative pots, basic cactus type soil/soil that drains well is always best!

These cactus provide awesomely delicious fruits for myself and my boys for a few months each year....

Golden Torch Cactus For Sale

We are happy to begin selling our Golden Torch Spachianus Trichocereus Cactus Cuttings, each will be approx. 12″ in length, these guys are ready to be potted or planted in the ground. They grow in groups, and when broken off they will root along their length if left on the ground. Beautiful cactus with beautiful flowers! These are very hardy cactus, as I said, they can break and fall to the ground...

Wedding Succulents For Sale

Wedding Succulents For Sale !!!!

We are a CA Licensed Nursery and we sell and grow succulents all year long all across the country.  No order is too large, we specialize in Weddings and other events, lots of references and happy customers/Brides!!!!

We can custom create according to your wedding colors, specific plants etc.

Contact us by email thesucculentsource@gmail.comor call us directly at...

Peruvian Torch Cactus For Sale cousins of San Pedro

This sale is for 2 (TWO) Peruvianus Torch Trichocereus Cacti like shown in the picture. Average weight is over 2 lbs each/approx 12 inches in length.
Part of the Trichocereus family, cousins of San Pedro and Bridgesii, these are healthy cuts that are ready to be placed in the ground or in decorative pots. These guys have thorns! Handle with care, gloves are recommended. They grow well with a little...

San Pedro Cactus For Sale 12″ Middle Cuts

San Pedro Cactus For Sale 12″ Middle Cuts.

These are Middle Cuts, meaning the tips have been cut off. These middle cuts will root just as easily as top cuts and will often produce multiple new heads from the cut area. Pictures 2,3 and 4 show examples from our yard where new growth has formed at the cuts with some plants being cut multiple times. If you have patience for these to grow new growth,...

San Pedros For Sale

San Pedros For Sale

We have potted and rooted San Pedros , from 12″ up to 4 feet tall.  We have cuttings as well, top cuts and middle cuts, ready to be potted and to bring you years of beautiful giant flowers!  Our nursery is licensed in the state of CA. and we can ship our San Pedros anytime of the year!

Email us at  thesucculentsource@gmail.comto discuss any quanity you want, our prices are the...

Echeverias For Sale

Echeverias For Sale !

We have both 2″ , 2.5″ , 4″, and 6″ inch Echeverias For Sale .  These beautiful Nursery grown Echeverias are great as wedding favors, centerpieces and table decor for any event.

Check out our
Etsy stores and for a large variety of echeveria collections, or email us directly at  thesucculentsou...

San Pedro Cactus potted & rooted w/pup For Sale

San Pedro Cactus potted & rooted w/pup For Sale.

Nice and healthy San Pedro Cactus for sale. We have rooted and potted plants, many with pups, some are already producing flowers, ready for purchase. Generally between $27-32 each, sizes ranging from 12″ up to low 20″s in heighth. If you want taller specimens, contact us, we have lots of potted Trichocereus cactus. Cousins too, Big Macs, Bridgesii...

Aeoniums For Sale at

Are you looking for Aeoniums? Green ones? Purple ones? Black ones?  We have them in all sizes.  From cuttings work great for weddings and other events, or wall gardens, wreaths etc. Or we can sell an assorted...

Succulent Cuttings

Starting succulent cuttings from rosette shaped succulents can be quite surpirising to many people.  What happens when you bump into your succulent and break off a couple of those fat petals?  Throw ‘em away?

You shouldn’t! Put them on a tray/plate, keep them in the shade for a few weeks, months and you’ll be surprised what begins to happen! Out of the end will begin to appear another new plant!...