We are happy to begin selling our  Golden Torch Spachianus Trichocereus Cactus Cuttings, each will be approx.  12″  in length, these guys are ready to be potted or planted in the ground.  They grow in groups, and when broken off they will root along their length if left on the ground.  Beautiful cactus with beautiful flowers!  These are very hardy cactus, as I said, they can break and fall to the ground and begin rooting very quickly often all the way up their length that is facing the ground.  If you plant them vertically, they’ll root quickly from their base.  Beautiful cactus, you’ll be happy with our cuttings.  We can also provide rooted and potted specimens if that’s what you want.  These guys also do well in colder temps, we get lots of frost here and they seem well protected by any damage.  But snow is another story or extreme colds!  Right now(December) they are nice and plump from recent rain as well!

Let us know if you only want one or a dozen!