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Peruvian Torch Cactus For Sale cousins of San Pedro

This sale is for 2 (TWO) Peruvianus Torch Trichocereus Cacti like shown in the picture. Average weight is over 2 lbs each/approx 12 inches in length.
Part of the Trichocereus family, cousins of San Pedro and Bridgesii, these are healthy cuts that are ready to be placed in the ground or in decorative pots. These guys have thorns! Handle with care, gloves are recommended. They grow well with a little...

San Pedro Cactus For Sale 12″ Middle Cuts

San Pedro Cactus For Sale 12″ Middle Cuts.

These are Middle Cuts, meaning the tips have been cut off. These middle cuts will root just as easily as top cuts and will often produce multiple new heads from the cut area. Pictures 2,3 and 4 show examples from our yard where new growth has formed at the cuts with some plants being cut multiple times. If you have patience for these to grow new growth,...

San Pedros For Sale

San Pedros For Sale

We have potted and rooted San Pedros , from 12″ up to 4 feet tall.  We have cuttings as well, top cuts and middle cuts, ready to be potted and to bring you years of beautiful giant flowers!  Our nursery is licensed in the state of CA. and we can ship our San Pedros anytime of the year!

Email us at  thesucculentsource@gmail.comto discuss any quanity you want, our prices are the...

Echeverias For Sale

Echeverias For Sale !

We have both 2″ , 2.5″ , 4″, and 6″ inch Echeverias For Sale .  These beautiful Nursery grown Echeverias are great as wedding favors, centerpieces and table decor for any event.

Check out our
Etsy stores and for a large variety of echeveria collections, or email us directly at  thesucculentsou...

San Pedro Cactus potted & rooted w/pup For Sale

San Pedro Cactus potted & rooted w/pup For Sale.

Nice and healthy San Pedro Cactus for sale. We have rooted and potted plants, many with pups, some are already producing flowers, ready for purchase. Generally between $27-32 each, sizes ranging from 12″ up to low 20″s in heighth. If you want taller specimens, contact us, we have lots of potted Trichocereus cactus. Cousins too, Big Macs, Bridgesii...

Aeoniums For Sale at

Are you looking for Aeoniums? Green ones? Purple ones? Black ones?  We have them in all sizes.  From cuttings work great for weddings and other events, or wall gardens, wreaths etc. Or we can sell an assorted...

Succulent Cuttings

Starting succulent cuttings from rosette shaped succulents can be quite surpirising to many people.  What happens when you bump into your succulent and break off a couple of those fat petals?  Throw ‘em away?

You shouldn’t! Put them on a tray/plate, keep them in the shade for a few weeks, months and you’ll be surprised what begins to happen! Out of the end will begin to appear another new plant!...

9 Succulents Collection For Sale 2″ succulents

We sell succulents in groups of 9, 20, 36, 64, 80, 100 and upwards. We can sellin groups or all assorted. We can customize to work with your color schemes, or we can customize to send you only plants from specific groups, like Aeoniums, Aloes, Echeverias Crassulas, Kalanchoes, etc. Whether for your wedding or other event, to...

succulent cuttings for sale come in many shapes and sizes

With well over 100 succulents to choose and cut from, our succulents at come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, textures and sizes.

Within each of the following groups: aloes, aeoniums, crassulas, echeverias, kalanchoes, graptosedums, graptopetalums, sedums, and sempervivums, to list some, we have many different types of succulents! We sell succulent cuttings in groups...

Introducing new succulent store

The Irwin family is happy to announce a new webstore for all of the succulent lovers out there! will be specializing in specialty succulents for weddings and other events.  Our cuttings, both assorted and rosette style come in over 60 different types.  We can customize any order to specifically meet your succulent needs.

We offer healthy and beautiful succulents for...

Awesome Variety of Succulent Cuttings For Sale

With over easily 100 types of succulents, our rosette cuttings come in an awesome variety of colors, sizes and flower shapes.  Whether you are looking for an all green rosette cutting collection


Echeveria Rosette Style Succulent Wedding Favors For Sale

Offering a really nice set of twenty 4″ Echeveria Rosette Style Wedding Favor Succulents.  At least five different types unless you’d prefer all the same, split in half, you let us know.  Here’s a link to our listing or email us at thesucculentsource@gmail.comto discuss custom orders of these beauties. They...

San Pedro Trichocereus Cactus Blooming off the Shelf

It’s October 1st and the past week or two there have been literally hundreds and hundreds of giant San Pedro Flower blooms going on all over our property and nursery. Some plants have 4,5, 6 plus flowers, others only one, but regardless, it’s a beautiful sight! The bees are buzzing like crazy, some flowers have a handful of bees rolling around inside! Hummingbirds checking ‘em out, they really are...

Succulent Cuttings for sale in all colors and sizes @

Succulents come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, colors and textures, and today I came across a new purple  rosette I haven’t seen before!  A popular succulent for weddings and events are the rosette style cuttings.  Rosette shaped means flower shape, not limited to a color or specific flower shape, just  flower shapes in general.

Within this realm, our rosettes take on a number of beautiful and...

Assorted Cactus For Sale in groups of 9, 20, and 36

cactus for saleWe have lots of great little cactus in their 2″ containers for sale.  They flower at different times of the year, different color flowers, and different shapes and sizes! A little sun on a window sill, or in a planter on the patio or in the ground in the yard, these little cacti are fun and you can’t beat the price! We have them here at as well as on our etsy site http:/...

Trichocereus Bridgesii Cactus Cuttings and Rooted Plants For Sale great for yard or kept in Decorative containers!

If you are looking for Bridgesii Cactus for sale , there are few sites that sell them. Not as thick or full as a well watered San Pedro cousin, but Bridgesii tend to be skinnier, deeper ribs and much longer spines. None the less, their flowers are comparable in size and beauty! That being said, they don’t tend to flower as much as San Pedros do, at least from my observations of our cactus. We sell...

Sempervivum Succulent Cuttings as Wedding favors For Sale : Sempervivums for any occasion

An excellent succulent to use as wedding favors are sempervivums.  Their classic shape and symmetry are beautiful and your guests will love them!  We can customize any number you need, fro a dozen to two hundred and upwards.  Here is an example of 1 idea using Sempervivum cuttings used as simple table decor.  They also work great as corsages, boutoneers, and in bouquets..

San Pedro Cactus For Sale and so close to Blooming their Giant White Flowers!

Three weeks ago, this San Pedro only had a couple of little fur balls on her, now she’s getting closer to blooming with bud growth growing fast!

Our 15″ Potted and Rooted San Pedro Trichocereus Cactus are for sale at $25.00 and then shipping.
Established, growing, and producing beautiful flower blooms.  What more do you need?

San Pedros For Sale as ready to root cuttings or potted in 1 gallon containers

We are a licensed CA Nursery specializing in succulents and cactus.  We have hundreds/thousands of established cactus and succulents on our property, and many, many beautiful San Pedros as well.  Each year around late July through September, they all begin to Bloom their giant beautiful white flowers!

if you haven’t seen a San Pedro Cactus flower bloom, you’re missing out. We sell our 12″ and 24″...

Beautiful Succulents For Sale at Great Prices!

Whether you are looking for 2″, 4″, or 6″ succulents, and whether you are looking for 10 or 300 individual plants, we are your source for succulents.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, Call us directly or email us at .

We check...

Wedding Favors using Gorgeous Succulent Rosette Cuttings

The following image of our rosette wedding cuttings was taken on September 19th, 2012. These cuttings were shipped off to be used in a couple of our customer’s weddings next weekend. Our 2-4″ inch cuts are $1.75 each, and as you can see they come in a wide array of beautiful colors! These cuttings are just a small sampling of the rosette shaped succulents we use, we have numerous types of...

Rosette Cuttings for Wedding Centerpieces and party gift favors

Our succulent rosette cuttings are becoming very popular with our wedding customers.  They are for sale ranging from $1-4.

They can be used for centerpieces , corsages and  boutineers, wedding favors, bouquets and decor.  We sell from 1-6″ inch diameter in a wide array of beautiful colors. Have a look at our etsy store go directly to our new website in...

Potted San Pedro Cactus For Sale 15″ tall and ready for new homes!

If you are looking for healthy, rooted San Pedro specimens, many of which are blooming, look no further.

If you haven’t seen a San Pedro cactus bloom, you haven’t seen flowers!  Their flowers are giant, 8, 10, 12 plus inches in length, white, fragrant, and bees and other flying insects love rolling around in them!

Tortoises love to eat them as well! My dad cuts their flowers each morning and lays...

Beautiful Sempervivum Hens and Chicks succulent Collection for sale

Have you hugged your sempervivums today?

Blaise is hugging his two 1 gallon containers of sempervivums aka hens and chicks.  How can you not want these for yourself or to give away as gifts!

Sempervivums are legendary for keeping away Thor, the mighty God of Thunder and Lightning.  Do you need any other reason to buy these guys?

$19.00 and shipping and they are yours! We can also sell them...

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