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Succulent Cake Toppers and Succulent Favors at a Baptism

Succulent favors and succulent cake toppers and other table décor! Get creative with succulents at any event, these were used at our friends beautiful Baptism celebration. The table favors were our 2.5″ succulents in both our 2″ pails and 2.5″ mercury glasses. Cuttings varied but all were rosette shapes ranging from 1-3″ approx. One of the great things about using...

Awesome DIY video on making succulent pumpkin arrangements

Awesome DIY video on making succulent pumpkin arrangements!!!

Succulent Cutting FAQ Questions and Answers

 The #1 Key I have found with succulents is this: Water when the soil is dry, and never water when the soil is wet!

  The following are some basic questions we are often asked about our cuttings, hopefully they will answer the question/s you may have.


 How long will it take to...

Succulents and their size and their growth

Succulents and their size and their growth .

We ship 1000′s and 1000′s of succulents out weekly, all over the country, all year round for dozens of events every week.  Selling succulents is what we do full time!

a question that comes up periodically is my succulents are smaller than I thought they would be. Valid response. We sell succulents in different sized containers. Our top seller is our...

Echeveria Minimas Azulitas Dudleyas and Variegated Bear Paws

Succulent Echeveria Minimas Azulitas Dudleyas and Variegated Bear Paws.

Succulent Cutting Instructions FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Succulent Cutting Instructions and FAQ




Cutting FAQ’s

 The #1 Key I have found with succulents is this: Water when the soil is dry, and never water when the soil is wet!


 The following are some basic questions we are often asked about our cuttings, hopefully they will answer the question/s you may have.


 How long will...

Potted Trichocereus Cactus


Potted Trichocereus cactus types for sale bridgesii peruvian torches juuls etc.

We have been growing and collecting cactus and succulents for a long time! We have lots of different types, this post is about trichocereus columnar types, We have lots of established mini groves all over our 10 acres of nursery. Many of them we can’t officially ID but we’ll begin posting them and maybe some cacti...

Facebook Special 100 assorted succulents $100 shipped in the US

Another FACEBOOK SPECIAL, these won’t last, the others sold out by the morning.
Assorted Boxes of 100 succulents in their plastic square 2″ containers. These are assortments, some are undersized, some are oversized, many are just right!
we just have too many assorted favors in our ship out greenhouse. $100 shipped anywhere in the US, marked as I, J, K, L, and M Email us at...

Wedding Succulents

Wedding Succulents make an awesome couple! Whether used as favors and dressed up to match the theme of your big day, or kept simple, succulents are a great addition for a number of reasons. Let’s look at other favor types. A bag of nuts, boring! A bag of candy, eaten or tossed, but always quickly forgotten!! A shot glass engraved with your name…dusty in a drawer, cupboard or broken in a landfill....

Agaves For Sale

We have over 20 types available in their 1 gallon containers, we will be slowly adding them to our site over the next month!. Agaves are great in decorative containers standing alone, or added to your landscape for their size, colors and textures! We can customize size and quantity as well. If you are...

Our Echeveria succulents in their plastic 2.5″ containers

Echeveria succulents are some of the most beautiful available! These pictured succulents are in their basic plastic round 2.5″ containers. Some of their names are Lola, Ramilette, Pulidonis, Starburst, Sleepy, Painted Ladies, Mazzarine, Minima, Moonglow, Azulita, Chroma, and Melacos. We sell these beauties year round, we ship them all over the country, and we can do any amount you’d like. They...

We’re now offering Painted Terracotta Succulent Containers

We are now offering Painted Terracotta Succulent Containers for our potted 2″, 2.5″ and 4″ succulents.  These terracotta pots are painted in beautiful colors, painted properly and will really stand out in any venue!  Other color choices available, just contact us for more info.  Succulents make great pets!

Echeverias For Sale

Echeverias for Sale !!!

These are a variety of different Echevaria types potted in plastic 4″ round containers. Only $3 each, we sell and ship them all year round, all over the country! Echeverias are mainly rosette shaped, rosette simply meaning a round flower shape. Our stock varies daily, weekly, monthly and by the season, based on a number of factors. Sometimes when it gets very hot here in...

Wedding Succulents

Last weekend, our nephew and his beautiful bride were married, and our succulents played a small role on their Big Day!

Our potted 2.5″ succulents were shipped from Valley Center CA. to Omaha Nebraska, arriving a week and a half prior to the big day. These succulents were used as favors for their gifts. $2.50 each, they ship in their plastic round 2.5″ containers. We also had additional glass...

Sempervivums For Sale they make great pets!

Sempervivums For Sale  they make great pets!  Copied directly from wiki, here’s a brief intro:

Sempervivum /sɛmpəˈvvəm/,[1] is a genus of about 40 species of flowering plants in the Crassulaceae family, known as houseleeks. Other common names include liveforever and hen and chicks. They are succulent perennialsforming mats composed of tufted leaves in rosettes. In favourable conditions they...

Wedding Succulent Cuttings

for Wedding Succulent Cuttings !!

These cuttings were cut on 9-5-2014, we generally ship our wedding succulent cuttings out on Fridays for a Monday/Tuesday arrival. We ship 1000′s of potted succulents and succulent cuttings out every week, all over the country, all year round. We can customize by diameter, quantity and colors and types! Email or call us at 760-749-9818 to discuss your options....

Succulents for sale

At the succulent source, we literally ship 1000′s of succulents out every week, all over the United States, all year long. We sell our succulents and cactus potted in 2″, 2.5″ , 4″ and 6″ plastic containers. We also sell decorative container options for our 2″ and 2.5″ succulents and cactus, please see our facebook link...

Succulents FAQ





The Golden Rule of succulents!

“Water me when my soil is dry, and don’t water me when my soil is wet”. That’s 90% of it! The other 10% is down below.

The following are some basic questions we are often asked about our Succulents, hopefully they will answer the question/s you may have.

What is a succulent?Succulents...

Succulent cuttings youtube video from the Succulent Source


here’s a short video on making  succulent cuttings from potted succulents.  Actually, it applies to any succulent, whether potted or in the ground. All you need are some clippers, scissors etc.  Cuttings are one of the great bonuses one gets from succulents! Turn one plant into 2,4,10,20!  Super easy to do, don’t hesitate to email us at if you have any questions!




Succulents are what we do!!! Succulents make awesome favors for weddings and other events! We’ve provided our succulents for Hotels, Restaraunts, School Appreciation Events, Corporate events, hundreds of Weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties, any event type, and our succulents have probably played a part in one! We sell decorative pails and glass votives, and terracotta pots as well to help...

Potted San Pedro Cactus w/ pups

San Pedros have spent all spring and summer growing! Lots of pups popping out of their bases, new growth where cuttings have been made, and now the temps are beginning to get colder.
In our area, inland southern California, and specifically our nursery, temps drop to the mid 20′s quite frequently. Generally San Pedros will do ok with these lows, but some times the fresh growth on some plants may...

Succulent Wedding Favors are what we do

Succulent wedding Favors are what we do…. At the Succulent Source, we ship out thousands of succulents weekly to customers all over the United States. Many of these succulents are used directly in weddings as favors, centerpieces, cake toppers, in bouquets, bouts, corsages etc. Anywhere a flower can be used, the same goes for succulents! We sell our potted 2″ succulents at $1.35 for our basic...

Succulents For Sale Specialty 2.5″

Succulents For Sale! Whether you are looking for a few succulents to brighten up your home, patio or office, or a few hundred to give out as favors during your wedding, chances are we have what you are looking for and at the best prices available. We ship thousands of succulents and cactus out each week all over the country. We sell potted 2″, 2.5″, 4″ and 6″, as well as Rosette cuttings ranging...

Gorgeous Succulents For Sale

Gorgeous Succulents for Sale 2.5″ Special!

These are beautiful and great sized for Weddings, events and or personal gardens etc.  They are absolutely gorgeous succulents and would also make great gifts.

We can customize any order, also Visit us @ one of our online Stores
and check out...

Size Comparison