Agave Potted by JUDE

  • Jude likes Aloes and Agaves!  And there are lots of Aloes & Agaves out there!
  • PLEASE see Judes' Aloe page for lots of Aloes for sale!!
  • Jude does all the work, and Jude gets all the money after paying for shipping cost!
  • Many Agaves/Aloes will begin shooting pups forming tightly growing clumps as can be seen in pictures.  You can allow to grow like this or you can gently pull away smaller plants by hand or use snips.  Individual cuttings are for sale as well as seeds.  Cuttings will need to be potted and given 3-4 weeks approx. to begin rooting(some may already have roots), please see our Care page on rooting.
Drought tolerant when established.   Protect from freezing temps. 
Seeds are sold in sets of 20, 25 etc.
Cuttings are sold individually, you can purchase 1 or ....
  • ***Some tips may already be naturally dried, broken etc, this is natural for a succulent with so many fragile tips, but we always do our very best to send the nicest plants available.  Brown tips will be minimal but this is just a heads up for anyone expecting absolute perfection in a living succulent with dozens of tips.  ***These may also be baby/juvenile plants that will outgrow older leaves.   Also, direct and intense sun/heat can bring out color hues that full shade does not.  Aloe/agave colors can vary based on time of the year, temps, sunlight, watering etc.***

Customer Reviews

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Aloe cuttings by Jide

I am just beginning to grow aloes and ordered Aloe Black Gem Cutting, Exact Aloe #25, Exact Aloe Brivifolia and Aloe Blue Elf Cutting. Shipping was pretty fast to the opposite coast and I'm very pleased as they were very well wrapped and very healthy. In 2 weeks, they're already growing new leaves. Wish they were not sold out of so many and I will order again.

Agave pups

I received my agave pups and love them. Great shape, just as i was expecting when you collect agave pups. Im excited to so see them grow in my collection. Also, the staff is the best out there.. there was a minor shipping issue and they were in contact with me the whole time. Very professional and honest. I will totally purchase again from them. THANK YOU!!!

Very nice and thick

I love this plant. It arrived in good condition. I would recommend these plants to succulent and cactus lovers. It is a decent size and the color is quite nice.

We are so glad you are enjoying the aloes from Jude. Thank you for your order. Have fun with these and your barrel cactus!
Awesome agaves

I highly recommend this company. I purchased agaves, their perfect. They are my new succulent source! Thanks you guys

Plants arrived in great shape

The ordering was very easy and the plants arrived in great shape.
My granddaughter loved them.