When the chill of winter approaches, the magnificent Trichocereus cacti, much like several other plant species, enter a dormant phase. While they may seem resilient and almost indestructible due to their desert origins, it's important to ensure proper care during this period. Let's explore how you can prepare your Trichocereus for the cold months ahead.

Understanding Dormancy

Dormancy is a survival mechanism adopted by many plants to endure harsh conditions. During this phase, your Trichocereus significantly slows down its growth, conserving energy. This is crucial knowledge for cacti enthusiasts, as it dictates the care these plants require during winter.

1. Watering

Cut back on watering. Trichocereus cacti, and particularly variations like Pachanoi and Peruvianus, require less moisture in winter. Overwatering in colder temperatures can lead to rot, a grave concern for any cactus owner. Always check the soil. If it's dry a couple of inches down, give it a little water, but generally, your watering schedule will be far less frequent than in warmer months.

2. Temperature

While Trichocereus can withstand colder temperatures, prolonged exposure to freezing conditions can be harmful. Varieties such as Cuzcoensis and Huanucoensis are slightly more cold-hardy, but it's best to be cautious. If you live in a region with severe winters, consider moving your cacti indoors or ensuring they have adequate protection outdoors.

3. Light

Although dormant, your Trichocereus still needs sunlight. A sunny windowsill can be ideal for smaller plants. For those who own rare variations like Scopulicola or Chalaensis, ensuring a decent amount of light during winter can be crucial for their well-being.

4. Fertilizing

Hold off on the fertilizers. Since your cacti aren't in active growth mode, they don't need the extra nutrients. Over-fertilizing during dormancy can lead to weak, elongated growth.

Branch Out with Varieties

If you're a Trichocereus enthusiast, winter is a good time to plan for the upcoming planting season. At The Succulent Source, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of Trichocereus species.

  • Hybrid Varieties: For something truly unique, our hybrids are a cross between different Trichocereus species, offering a blend of characteristics.

  • Crested and Monstrose: These are mutations that offer unusual, fascinating growth patterns. They're excellent conversation starters!

  • Bridgesii and Peruvianus: Renowned for their towering heights and ribbed structures.

  • Cuzcoensis, Huanucoensis, and Scopulicola: These lesser-known varieties are for true cacti aficionados who appreciate the nuances of each species.

  • Grafting and Cuttings: For those looking to expand their collection or share with friends, we offer both grafted plants and cuttings. It's an excellent way to delve deeper into the world of Trichocereus.


Preparing your Trichocereus for winter requires a blend of understanding their natural dormancy process and adjusting care routines accordingly. By respecting their needs, you're ensuring that come spring, they'll be ready to grow vigorously and bloom beautifully.

And remember, whether you're looking to start your Trichocereus journey or add a rare species to your collection, The Succulent Source has got you covered. Explore our vast collection, and you'll be sure to find a Trichocereus that resonates with you. Happy planting!