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String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus). The String of Pearls is a member of the senecio family. String of Pearls, is a popular and low-maintenance plant to grow in a sunny window. It is a slow-growing variety, but can grow to several feet in length with a little love and patience. This plant is also extremely easy to propagate!! This plant will ship in it’s 6 inch pot with hangers. Your string of pearls will be similar but may vary from the picture in this listing. They will have multiple, lovely cascading vines, but please purchase these thinking 6 months, 1-2 years down the road when they are really long, we always try and ship the healthiest and longest but sometimes they can be on the shorter end.

These are also great for bouquets etc. if cut a few pieces off and allow to hang from your arrangement.

**Don't water for the first few weeks after arrival unless they are extremely dry.

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Received a messy pot soaking in water all the roots were water logged and rotted

Very disappointed with my 6" pot. It would have been beautiful were the soil and entire plant not completely soaked in water and rotting. Out of a sizable pot full of strands I was only able to salvage a 6" strand which I am currently trying to propagate but it's not doing very well. I was pretty shocked at what I received especially since this site had such great reviews.

Thank you for ordering the string of pearls. We are sorry that you received such a wet plant. We did have a summer rain last week and possibly we shipped out a plant before letting it dry thoroughly. We ask that our customers contact as soon as they receive their order (the same day if they can) if there are ANY issues. We don't see any emails or calls from you. If you can send us a picture of the plant, we can assess it and see if there is a way to fix it, replace it or refund you for it. Please note that we cannot fix what we don't know about which is why we ask for customers to contact us directly so we can make it right.
String of pearls

I still feel that it arrived overwatered. I did not transplant it as yet , but I did loose a lot of it because they died. I would like to purchase a few 2" pots to fill in the void spaces, but I'm not to sure how to do it. Perhaps I can take it to a nursery to help me.
Sincerely, Fran Woodfield franscooter@ gmail.com

Beautiful plant, awesome customer service!

The first time I ordered a string of pearls, the plant I got came looking a bit worse for wear. After sending the good folks @TSS pics of it, they offered to send me another plant. I got the second plant yesterday, which is completely gorgeous, healthy and has several long strands already. I was able to augment my first plant (which is a lot sparser, because I got rid of dying, mushy parts of it) with some disengaged strands from the new one, so it is looking a lot better, too. TSS probably has the best customer service I have seen in a long time. I've made several purchases from them and will be making more in the future! :)

Given as gift

Bought this for my daughter in law. She loves it!!

Beautiful healthy succulents!

Very pleased with how healthy the succulents are! Will order more.

We are so glad you are pleased with the string of pearls. Thank you for your order. We do hope to hear from you again soon. Please tell your friends and family about our low succulent prices and quick shipping. ENJOY!

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