Hanging String of pearls


String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus). The String of Pearls is a member of the senecio family. String of Pearls, is a popular and low-maintenance plant to grow in a sunny window. It is a slow-growing variety, but can grow to several feet in length with a little love and patience. This plant is also extremely easy to propagate!! This plant will ship in it’s 6 inch pot with hangers. Your string of pearls will be similar but may vary from the picture in this listing. They will have multiple, lovely cascading vines, but please purchase these thinking 6 months, 1-2 years down the road when they are really long, we always try and ship the healthiest and longest but sometimes they can be on the shorter end.

These are also great for bouquets etc. if cut a few pieces off and allow to hang from your arrangement.

**Don't water for the first few weeks after arrival unless they are extremely dry.

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Why would you shop anywhere else?!?

Was searching all over the internet for a string of pearls plant. I reached out to numerous stores because I needed the plant in a pot that would fit in a ceramic hanging planter I got as a gift. The owner was prompt and courteous in responding. We were off on the right foot... then the plant came very quickly and it was better than I had hoped for shipping a live plant! It was neatly packed and it was green and healthy and MATURE!! I was so excited... the plant already had hanging growth so I got the instant gratification when putting it in the hanging planter.... I would definitely purchase again and look for other plants at this shop when the time comes ...


After not having any luck finding a String of Pearls locally, I turned to Google. The Succulent Source was listed as one of the top businesses to buy succulents from online, and to my delight, they had large pots of what I wanted. Bonus, they were affordable and offered Amazon Pay.

My plant arrived a little later than I would have thought, since were only in Texas, but I think that was due to a weekend of sitting in a postal warehouse in the middle of the shipping period. The String of Pearls was packaged safely, and only a little dirt spilled out of the pot.

I watered it thoroughly, and it’s sitting pretty in my kitchen windowsill right now. I haven’t found the perfect hanging planter for it yet. I am overall, really pleased with my purchase, and will definitely order again someday!

What a fun plant...

Received this in very good condition,well packed and am really enjoying this unique plant

Always wonderful condition—-beautiful! Love the Succulent Source!

Love, love, love this company. If I’m looking for something specific, I will always buy from the Succulent Source. Just bought two I couldn’t find anywhere. Last year bought 50 little succulents for my daughters bridal shower. Huge hit! And they arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

Only partially visble

My two purchases were flawless. The material stellar! Packed insanely well . Videos to the packing crew. Each plant was perfection . My only trouble we’re the string of pearls ., only partially viable.. they turned whitish . I was able to salvage from the generous pots what I needed for container bowls for client . I will be ordering again soon .