Transfering Succulents from plastic container to new Containers!

How to Transfer Succulents from one container to another....

These photos show 2" and 2.5" plastic containers, but it applies to any size.  Ideally, if they are dry, give them a good drink and then begin the transfer process 1-2 days later, thus you won't need to water them prior to an event, which saves you time from wiping away water spots, soil etc!

 When you initially remove a succulent from it's container, it's a great time to do some housecleaning and remove any dead or rotting leaves. This helps with appearance and also removes hiding places for bugs and growing grounds for mold and fungus etc. These guys are all going into similar sized containers so minimal if any extra soil is needed, but if you only need a few pinches, any soil will work, the KEY IS IN WATERING! Water only when dry, never water if WET! If going from a smaller container to a much larger one, or mixed garden look, good draining soil is helpful. Most houseplant soil is made to retain/hold in moisture, you want the opposite w/ succulents.

Use a pencil, stick, finger etc. to tap soil down after transfer, and done!  Ready to go!

Succulents make great Favors!