Everything but the Pumpkin.  Succulent pumpkin topper DIY kit

Everything but the Pumpkin. Succulent pumpkin topper DIY kit

Have some fun this fall with our gorgeous cuttings and create your very own Succulent Pumpkin Topper Centerpiece!

Succulent Cuttings shipped for FREE !!!!

Succulent Cuttings shipped for FREE !!!!
The Succulent Source is now offering cuttings you can purchase individually and in small groups of the same. We will continue selling our assorted succulent cuttings but this new service now allows our customers to only buy what they really need and want. In order to provide FREE SHIPPING, we will need you to purchase at least 3 sets of 5 succulents as our...

How to Propagate your potted Aloes

How to Propagate your potted Aloes

How to Propagate your potted Aloes.  For this tutorial, I am going to use our 1 gallon clump of an Aloe Distans Jewel. These guys are grown in the...
Spring at the Succulent Source has Sprung

Spring at the Succulent Source has Sprung

Feeling blessed as we do a little greenhouse maintenance today!~  Baby lizards and baby birds moved into the greenhouse reminding us SPRING is her...

Succulent Cutting Instructions FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Succulent Cutting Instructions and FAQ




Cutting FAQ’s

 The #1 Key I have found with succulents is this: Water when the soil is dry, and never water when the soil is wet!


 The following are some basic questions we are often asked about our cuttings, hopefully they will answer the question/s you may have.


 How long will...

Succulent Cuttings

Starting succulent cuttings from rosette shaped succulents can be quite surpirising to many people.  What happens when you bump into your succulent and break off a couple of those fat petals?  Throw ‘em away?

You shouldn’t! Put them on a tray/plate, keep them in the shade for a few weeks, months and you’ll be surprised what begins to happen! Out of the end will begin to appear another new plant!...

succulent cuttings for sale come in many shapes and sizes

With well over 100 succulents to choose and cut from, our succulents at www.thesucculentsource.com come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, textures and sizes.

Within each of the following groups: aloes, aeoniums, crassulas, echeverias, kalanchoes, graptosedums, graptopetalums, sedums, and sempervivums, to list some, we have many different types of succulents! We sell succulent cuttings in groups...

Awesome Variety of Succulent Cuttings For Sale

With over easily 100 types of succulents, our rosette cuttings come in an awesome variety of colors, sizes and flower shapes.  Whether you are looking for an all green rosette cutting collection https://www.etsy.com/listing/109968491/50-gorgeous-green-hues-wedding-rosettes?ref=sr_gallery_24&ga_search_query=rosette+cuttings&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_min=0&ga_max=0&ga_search_type=all


Wedding Favors using Gorgeous Succulent Rosette Cuttings

The following image of our rosette wedding cuttings was taken on September 19th, 2012. These cuttings were shipped off to be used in a couple of our customer’s weddings next weekend. Our 2-4″ inch cuts are $1.75 each, and as you can see they come in a wide array of beautiful colors! These cuttings are just a small sampling of the rosette shaped succulents we use, we have numerous types of...