With well over 100 succulents to choose and cut from, our succulents at www.thesucculentsource.com come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, textures and sizes.

Within each of the following groups: aloes, aeoniums, crassulas, echeverias, kalanchoes, graptosedums, graptopetalums, sedums, and sempervivums, to list some, we have many different types of succulents! We sell succulent cuttings in groups of 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, and pretty much any numerical combination requested.  Generally, 3/4 of our assorted succulents are a variety of different shapes, colors, textures and sizes. The other 1/4 would be rosette/flower shaped succulents, again varying in color, texture, shape and size.  These assorted succulent cutting sizes work great for living walls, wreaths, terrariums, gardens, etc.  It’s an awesome way to add a large number of interesting succulents to your current collection, or a great place to start if beginning for the first time.   https://www.etsy.com/listing/99851638/80-succulent-cuttings-perfect-for

If on the otherhand you are looking to enhance your wedding or other special event, you may want to consider our Rosette Cutting Collections https://www.etsy.com/listing/106993843/25-2-4inch-rosette-succulent-cuttings-8 .  Rosettes are basically flower shaped succulents.  They range from 1″ inch upwards of 6″ inches.  These cuttings work super for corsages, bootoneers, wedding centerpieces, table decor, and any other creative use you can come up with.  Guests love them!  Check out our Feedback to read what customers are saying about them!  http://www.etsy.com/people/SANPEDROCACTUS/feedback?ref=pr_feedback

Please don’t hesitate contacting us if you have any questions regarding succulent cuttings, or check out our stores for our potted and rooted 2″ wedding and assortment listings.

Thanks for your time and blessings to you and yours!


The Irwin Family


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