Starting succulent cuttings from rosette shaped succulents can be quite surpirising to many people.  What happens when you bump into your succulent and break off a couple of those fat petals?  Throw ‘em away?

You shouldn’t! Put them on a tray/plate, keep them in the shade for a few weeks, months and you’ll be surprised what begins to happen!  Out of the end will begin to appear another new plant!  We ship a lot of rosette cuttings and assorted succulent cuttings all over the country, and I’m sure some arrive with a few petals knocked off from a few days of traveling.  don’t throw away!

Those guys are future plants, akin to throwing money away.  This picture is a collection of assorted petals layed out on top of some soil, still small but lots of new colors beginning to sprout out, another few weeks and they’ll be nice 2″ size beatiful rosettes!


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