How to Propagate your potted Aloes

How to Propagate your potted Aloes.  For this tutorial, I am going to use our 1 gallon clump of an Aloe Distans Jewel.

These guys are grown in the full sun during the summer, watered minimally, notice the sun/stress spots that are on the older outer leaves.  Hot direct sun with minimal watering will cause many succulents to stress, which is often a good way to bring out more red, orange and yellow colors etc.  Succulents left in the shade all day often look darker green, experiment with yours and find the location you like the best!

Use your cutting tool, snips, scissors, sharp knife etc.  I highly recommend always leaving a few leaves below your cut which will allow your succulent to photosynthesize and create new growth.

These ends are nice and wet, they have thick leaves and store water. Place in the shade and allow to dry for a few days or weeks. No watering needed, shade is better vs leaving in full sun to wither.

This is a similar Aloe Jude cut a month ago. Usually with succulents, when you cut the top off, you'll get multiple new heads/tops! This is propagation! This is how you expand and grow your collection.

Another month or two and these should be 2-4" wide depending on how often Jude waters them.

After your cutting has calloused/dried on it's end, we just insert into dry soil and give them a month or so and then gently pull out and check for roots???

Bingo! Roots! Ready for a pot and watering! Remember, water all the way through to the bottom of a container and then allow to dry!!!!! Never water if the soil is still wet!!!!!
Have fun and propagate your Aloe !

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