Echeveria Minimas Azulitas Dudleyas and Variegated Bear Paws

Succulent Echeveria Minimas Azulitas Dudleyas and Variegated Bear Paws.

Our Echeveria succulents in their plastic 2.5″ containers

Echeveria succulents are some of the most beautiful available! These pictured succulents are in their basic plastic round 2.5″ containers. Some of their names are Lola, Ramilette, Pulidonis, Starburst, Sleepy, Painted Ladies, Mazzarine, Minima, Moonglow, Azulita, Chroma, and Melacos. We sell these beauties year round, we ship them all over the country, and we can do any amount you’d like. They...

Echeverias For Sale

Echeverias for Sale !!!

These are a variety of different Echevaria types potted in plastic 4″ round containers. Only $3 each, we sell and ship them all year round, all over the country! Echeverias are mainly rosette shaped, rosette simply meaning a round flower shape. Our stock varies daily, weekly, monthly and by the season, based on a number of factors. Sometimes when it gets very hot here in...

Succulents For Sale Specialty 2.5″

Succulents For Sale! Whether you are looking for a few succulents to brighten up your home, patio or office, or a few hundred to give out as favors during your wedding, chances are we have what you are looking for and at the best prices available. We ship thousands of succulents and cactus out each week all over the country. We sell potted 2″, 2.5″, 4″ and 6″, as well as Rosette cuttings ranging...

Echeverias For Sale

Echeverias For Sale !

We have both 2″ , 2.5″ , 4″, and 6″ inch Echeverias For Sale .  These beautiful Nursery grown Echeverias are great as wedding favors, centerpieces and table decor for any event.

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