Echeveria succulents are some of the most beautiful available! These pictured succulents are in their basic plastic round 2.5″ containers.  Some of their names are Lola, Ramilette, Pulidonis, Starburst, Sleepy, Painted Ladies, Mazzarine, Minima, Moonglow, Azulita, Chroma, and Melacos.  We sell these beauties year round, we ship them all over the country, and we can do any amount you’d like.  They are $2.65 each, and make absolutely wonderful wedding favors.  Your guests will love them,  and you’ll hear back years later that many of them still have their wedding favor from your Big day!

They are also awesome additions to any personal collection, they come with a sticker and their name and basic care instructions.  Echeveria succulents  and almost all succulents but a few types, do not like freezing temps and will need to be brought inside during cold periods, otherwise you risk losing them.  Colors intensify individually based on a number of factors, heat, sun intensity, watering, time of year, stress, etc.  Not all react the same way!  Sometimes, the least watered, most neglected succulent will show off the most intense coloring!  Experiment!  Have fun with these guys!  By a dozen and share them with your friends!  Succulents make great gifts! Succulents make great pets!

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