Echeverias for Sale !!!

These are a variety of different Echevaria types potted in plastic 4″ round containers.  Only $3 each, we sell and ship them all year round, all over the country!  Echeverias are mainly rosette shaped, rosette simply meaning a round flower shape.  Our stock varies daily, weekly, monthly and by the season, based on a number of factors.  Sometimes when it gets very hot here in southern California, the heat will intensify the colors of some succulents. Sometimes the opposite happens.  Sometimes the cold can bring out special hues, and sometimes the reverse.  Neglect in watering can “stress” succulents which may also intensify colors, especially the red hues on the edges of leaves/petals.  Lot’s of factors play into how your succulents will look at any given time.  If they are not getting enough light, they tend to get greener, and if already a dark green, they can lighten up. Back to stressing your succulents.  Intense heat and sun exposure and minimal water can really trigger some great colors.  If your succulents are not accustomed to sun exposure(grown in greenhouses, shaded porch etc.), be careful you don’t sunburn them.  Slowly acclimate them to sunlight, over a few days/weeks.  On really hot days, it can take just an hour or so if they are cooking with no wind movement to cool them off.  When taking cuttings from Echeverias, I always try and leave a few leaves at the base of the plant vs cutting down into the soil.  The extra leaves allows the plant to still photosynthesize, and thus, continue growing.  Sometimes you can’t always leave leaves/petals,  and it’s usually hit or miss on whether they can shoot new growth out.  Experiment with your echeverias, even gently puling off leaves and setting aside in the shade to dry can become new succulent plants!

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions, we can sell any quantity, succulents make great pets!


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