My Succulents are Drying Up, What do I do?

This is why succulents make great pets, share with your friends...

We had a tray of Echeveria lipsticks, agavoides and lolas in 2" plastic containers, been neglected for well over a month or two in the back of one of our greenhouses, no water, cooking daily, they were dehydrating/losing moisture and looking very, very thirsty.

On 8-2-17, I gave them a nice drink of water, forgot about them for a few days, went camping over the weekend and then checked back a few days ago, and as succulents will do, they sucked up that water and filled right back up and out!

The picture of the tray shows how the rest of them looked today, they still hadn't been watered, I just soaked them, I'll check back in the next day or two to see how fast they fill out, so stay posted.

ALL This Change with just one good watering.

So don't freak when you go on a trip around the world and forget to water your succulents before leaving, they may be thirsty when you return, but they more than likely won't be dead like most of your other plants!