10 Creative Succulent Garden Ideas

Succulents are as versatile as they are stunning. Not only do these plants flourish in just about every setting, but they also can be used to fill anything from the tiniest nooks and crannies to vast garden landscapes.

From indoor decor to backyard gardens, succulents are ready and waiting for you to get creative and start on your next project. From so many options to choose from, we are here to help you identify some of the trendiest succulent garden ideas.

Upcycling: From Trash to Treasure

Have you ever heard the expression, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Succulents take this statement one step further by turning “trash” into beautiful upcycled planters. From outdated iron chairs to vintage bathtubs, people are turning garage sale scores into unique containers for their succulents.  

Some upcycled pieces can serve as planters in the condition they are in, but others need help with their structure. The most common way to create structure is by is by building out a space with chicken wire.

Take the wire and mold the space you want to fill. Use zip ties or other loose wire to secure the chicken wire to your upcycled container. This will give your succulents something to latch onto. So that the chicken wire is not visible, fill it with sheet moss. From here, proceed as usual with planting your succulents!

Living Walls

Bring life to plain walls with lush, vertical succulent planters. These vertical gardens are not only simple to construct, but allow for your own dash of personalization and creativity. In addition to traditional wooden frame planters, try mounting a vintage frame on top of your container for a shabby-chic look. Pallets and industrial piping can also be used to put your personal touch on your vertical succulent planter.

To create a basic planter, make a square frame out of wood and staple a heavy plastic to the back. Next, fill your planter with a succulent-specific soil that won’t retain too much water. After evenly spreading the soil, secure the soil down with chicken wire and staple this to the frame. Once this is complete, treat your newly made structure like a regular planter. Plant your succulents and allow them to take root before hanging your vertical garden.

Hanging Houseplants  

If you already have a pot or bowl filled with succulents, a wonderful way to refresh the look is by turning it into a hanging houseplant.

There is a myriad of ways to create hanging planters, but one that is particularly popular is by purchasing or crafting a macrame structure that you can nestle your pot into. By hanging your succulents, you will add levels of depth and dimension to your decor.

Tiny Terrariums

Looking for a little way to brighten up your windowsill or desk? Tiny terrariums are easy to build and are customizable to your style. To build your terrarium, place thin layers of stones, activated charcoal, moss, and specialized succulent soil into your terrarium of choice.

Next, plant your succulents, but leave room for decorative pieces such as shells or crystals. Finally, cover the soil with a thin layer of stones and decorate as you please.

Trinkets & Treasures

In addition to up cycling larger pieces, smaller mementos can also be salvaged and repurposed into unique homes for succulents.

Vintage tins, old books, eclectic teacups, colored glass bottles, and other forgotten treasures can serve as tiny planters. These trinkets can add a quirky touch to any garden or indoor space.

Succulent Sphere

Create a succulent planter with a 360-degree view by creating a hanging sphere. To build this, purchase two identical dome shaped hanging planters that fit together into a sphere. Next, tightly fill both spheres with succulent soil.

Close the two pieces together by covering one side with a piece of sheet metal or similar material, and tightly connect the two sides with a strong wire. Puncture holes in the planter’s sides and plant your succulents. Let the succulents take root before hanging your sphere and watching it flourish.

Drought Tolerant Designs

For more outdoor succulent garden ideas, consider drought tolerant plants paired with unique stones and rock pavers for a beautiful, low-maintenance garden. Your entire garden can be grass-free by incorporating a large variety of drought resistant cacti and succulents with gravel, pavers, stones, and larger rocks.

Although some people are hesitant to convert their water-loving lawns into succulent gardens, there are a wide variety of ways to incorporate detailed landscape design into your drought tolerant garden without wasting water.

Driftwood DIY

For naturally stunning centerpieces, try your hand at creating a DIY driftwood planter for your succulents. All you need is a piece of driftwood, a power drill & drill bits, succulent soil, sphagnum moss, and of course some succulents!

After thoroughly cleaning the driftwood by power washing it and soaking it in soapy water, use your drill to carve out spaces for your succulents. If you drill all the way through, hot glue to moss to the bottom of your holes to act as a base. From here, it’s time to add the succulent soil and start planting!

Desk Decor

Is your desk caddy collecting more dust and trash than office supplies? Repurpose your caddy by turning it into a home for your succulents. Not only will this brighten your workspace, but your neglected desk caddy will finally be put to use.

Layers and Levels

One of the best things about succulents is that they look gorgeous even amongst a bit of organized chaos. These plants do not need to be lined up row by row in order for their beauty to shine through.

Add a little bit of crazy to your garden by planting succulents in layers and in levels. Incorporate various sizes and heights with your planters and with your plant choices to achieve this look. This eclectic style of gardening allows for your creativity and green thumb to thrive.

Regardless of your taste or space, succulents have the versatility to fit into your style and needs. Decide what type of succulent garden is most appealing to you and start planning and planting!

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