How to Make a Cactus Garden According to Jude

How to Make a Cactus Garden According to Jude....

Start with your cactus, a pot, soil, and if you want, gravel and rocks for the top.

But let's start with Jude and his three cacti.

Cactus like soil that drains well.  House plants like soil that holds in moisture.  Cacti are not your typical houseplants, but if you follow a few basic rules, they can be very happy inside your Home!

If you can't find a nursery that sells cacti and succulent soil, adding perlite and or sand to your regular soil is an option.  Lots of different combos out there so we won't get into the mixing.  

Trashcan of soil we have recycled from other containers, the white stuff is perlite, a light fluffy natural mineral that helps aerate the soil which helps with draining.

Scoop your soil and fill about 1/2 way up.

 Jude is using a sheet of paper folded over itself/newspaper works great to help him grab and hold the cactus securely and safely.

Next he gently pulls the plastic container away and sets the cactus down into it's new home.  Repeat with other cactus.

Fill in soil around the sides and lightly tap down so the cactus are better secured.

A great way to add some color to the surface of the soil is to put gravel, small stones etc. on the top.  This does two things.  It keeps the soil from splashing onto the cactus when watering, and if placed somewhere that gets really hot and gets minimal watering, it will also hold in some moisture. I know, a little confusing, but there's a balance of cactus that are well cared for getting watered all the time(when soil is dry) vs planted and left outside and forgotten all summer.  

Pour it around and use a finger, stick, even scissors to help spread the gravel around.

Almost done, now add a few larger rocks, or shells, or bones or whatever you want!

And give a nice gentle drink of water.

And now you are done with your Cactus Garden!

Thanks for checking us out, if you have questions, please email us via the website, and if you are looking for succulents and or cactus, please consider us as your source!