James and Jude Grafting Cacti cactus

Grafting cacti means cutting the top of one cactus and grafting it onto another. This is often done by placing a slow growing cactus on top of a fast growing one which will allow your slow grower to get larger quicker!  It's also done to create fun combos and it's an awesome science project!

So here's what you should have.

sharp knife, rubbing alcohol to sterilze the blade each time you cut, rubber bands or electrical tape, cacti, gloves or tough fingers, and......

Step one, pick out your cactus.


A common cactus used for grafting are Trichocereus San Pedros because they are hardy, they grow fast, and they get big!

Sterilze your knife and cut where you want, remember the more plant means the more it can photosynthesize creating energy for growth.   If you want to cut an extra thin slice after the main cut, this allows the cut section to stay moist until ready for transfer, at which point you just peal and toss.


Now you want to carefully cut down the sides as when it begins drying, the center area will shrink a little but the outer skin will not, this can cause the two pieces to separate, not good/start over.


Now you decide which cactus top you want to cut and paste!

Slide off the thin piece and nice and slippery.  If it is allowed to dry, the two pieces may not bind.  You are also trying to place the 2 vascular center holes together, the round circles in the center of each.

carefully place the two together.  

 Secured with a runbberband and or electrical tape.

 Cutting away the tougher out of skin to prevent it from shrinking in when it drys.

Finished products

and here's some smaller 2" ones Jude did a few months ago.

Hope you learned a little something and enjoyed their work, thanks, James and Jude.