Echinopsis and Trichocereus are Blooming in April

April has arrived, spring is here in San Diego County, and Echinopsis and Trichocereus cacti are beginning to bloom!

Our Trichocereus Grandiflorus and Echinolobivia Rainbow Bursts are two types that will produce an array of different colors.  Many collectors have specimens that bloom every color in the rainbow!

These pictures were taken on April 3rd, 2020.

On our website, we sell grandiflorus in 1 gallons, we choose from stock available,  and also as exacts so you can see and purchase the exact cactus you want.

Love yellow?  How about red?

Purple? Pink?

Type grandiflorus or rainbow cactus in our search bar to check out current listings. Were gonna try and begin marking containers during blooms with flower color so you can make a note during checkout if you want a certain color.  We'll do our best based on stock available.

Thanks for visiting our website, and don't ever hesitate to ask us questions.


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