My Agave looks a little weird today?????  & Happy Thanksgiving!

Sometimes agaves can look a little off, color looks a bit different, not as full as it usually is, maybe even tilting a little.  Sometimes the culprit can be gophers!  We've lost a lot of beautiful agaves to gophers over the years, one day all is fine and the next....too late!  We pulled into our driveway entrance this morning and this is what we were greeted with. 

Let's take a closer look Jude.

and closer...

A deep hole to gopher house somewhere down there!  Gophers love the soft and succulent center stalks of Agaves. Is this kind of like the artichokes we love to eat with butter????  Not the sharp and stringy leaves though, but the heart of the agave, and when they get into that, the agave will die.  This looks like it has been going on for awhile as there's rot going on alongside the healthy flesh.  Little worms and bugs going at it!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and to the gophers, you guys suck, you took out another one of our agaves!!!

1 hour update from pics and blog, gopher has already backfilled his hole and moving on!  

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