Signature Stone Hanging Planter Pot- 10 Inch

Color: White
Sale price$ 34.00


Create a living centerpiece in your space without compromising extra floor space. Our 10” Signature Stone hanging planter is ideal for displaying medium-sized vining or trailing plants such as Hoyas on the wall or ceiling. With a simple organic silhouette and light stone color, our planter adds natural softness to the interior while drawing attention to the plant.

With a wide surface area and shallow bottom, this planter works well for plants with shorter root systems and ones who prefer to stay rootbound. Requiring less potting media means less straining weight and more focus on the plant visual. Hang your planter in a bright area where the plant can thrive under indirect light. 

Made with recycled plastics, the finished product is combined with materials like natural stone and wood to completely change the nature of plastic into a green composite material.



Recycled Plastic | Natural Stone | Wood Dust
Hand Finished


Product Details

Measurements: 9.85in Width x 4.75in Height

Drainage hole & Plug: Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Use 
Frost Proof -50C - 100C
Rope Length: 18in Tall
Black S Hook Included

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