2.5" Rosette Succulents

rosette succulents for sale

Choose a Pot Style:
Plastic Round
White Pail
Tin Pail
Silver Pail
Caramel Pail
Terracotta Pot
Mercury Round
Mercury Flower

Need Wedding Succulent Favors?
Look no further!
We have 60 types of succulents that rotate based on a number of factors, quality being # 1.
Your collection may vary from the pictures on this page!

These 2.5" plants are hardy and full: you will love each one!
rosette succulents for sale
Difference between 2" and 2.5" ?
Our rosette 2.5" succulents are hardy and full. They will vary in width (2.5" - 3") depending on factors such as type, shape or inventory.
succulent wedding favors bulk succulents plant prices
When Can I Order?
Up to a year in advance!
Just note the date of your event at checkout.

Try to order at least 2-3 weeks in advance
of the date you want them to arrive.

Ordering late? Not a problem!
We can usually complete rush orders.
How Tall are the Favors?
When happily together, your succulent + pot are the height of a credit card.

  • Pails - 2" tall; top is 2.25"; bottom is 1.75"
  • Terracotta - 2.25” tall; top is 2.5” wide
  • Mercury Round - 2.5” x 2.5” x 2" inner
  • Mercury Flower - 2.25” x 2.75” x 2.5" inner
succulent wedding favors bulk succulents plant prices
A Pot for Every Style
Upgrade from plastic pots to our trendy Metal Pails (white, tin, silver, caramel),
traditional Terracotta Pots, or modern Mercury Votives

NOTE: ALL succulents ship in plastic pots.
Transfer to other pot style is done by you.

You WILL have to remove a small amount of soil from the bottom of the plant to create a perfect fit into the mini pots.
succulent wedding favors bulk succulents plant prices
Take the stress out of Weddings, Showers and Parties!

The Succulent Source has you covered with:

  • excellent customer service
  • fast shipping
  • beautiful succulent favors
  • lasting impressions

Online Succulent Orders RULE!

Nervous? Don't be!
We ship 1000′s of succulents weekly,
ALL year round, ALL over the country!

Our REVIEWS speak for themselves.

All our succulents typically arrive happy & healthy.
Issue? Let us know within 24 hours and we’ll fix the problem!
How Do Succulents Ship?
Succulents ship USPS Priority 1-3 day or Fedex 2-5 day depending on size.

Your succulents will arrive 7-10 days prior to the event.

They're here! Water your new succulents thoroughly and wash away any loose dirt. (If soil got displaced, simply pinch it back up and place back into it's container.) Wait 2 days, gently remove the succulent (soil and all) from the plastic square pot and place into your upgraded pot!

Wow, take a look at what our customers say:

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
holly marsillo h.m. holly m.
Baby Shower Favors

Excellent customer service, every email sent received a reply within a few minutes - even on the weekend. Would recommend and will order again

Angie Cronshaw A.C. Angie C.
Wedding Rosette Succulents

Thank you for your helpful service both before and after placing my order. Our succulents arrived packed very nicely. Upon opening it I noticed a few that were either damaged or yellow. I called right away and we were refunded for the succulents I couldn't use. Very good customer service. I would definitely order again if I needed a large amount of succulents. I ordered these for our sons rehearsal dinner as gifts for everyone there. They were a great conversation piece and loved by all.

Kelly Colby K.C. Kelly C.
Top Notch

Thank you for your handling of our recent order. All our "babies" arrived on time and looking wonderful. We used our succulents as a favour at our recent fundraising gala and they not only looked fabulous, they were very well received.

Calli Johnson C.J. Calli J.
Perfect timing for my event

I loved that the succulent sources delivered the succulents with detailed caring instructions with the perfect timing before my wedding.

Michelle Heath M.H. Michelle H.
Love my succulents!

I ordered 50 plants/pots for a mailing I did for some customers. The plants arrived in good shape (a few had broken leaves) but overall very good. I will say that the transfer of the plants to the pots was a bit more tedious than I expected. Many of the plants did not easily come out of the plastic pots or the didn't have enough soil (or too much soil) for the new pot. My husband and I spent over 2 hours putting them together. There were a few plants that were unusable because they didn't easily come out of the pots. I will also say that you need to repot them the same day. I waited 2 days and the soil was so dry it was a mess. I think a bit more upfront care/instructions would have been helpful as I'm not a florist and don't work with plants. But, the end result was beautiful!

Thank you for your order. We are sorry to hear that you had issues with the repotting. All of our instructions say to water the plants as soon as you receive them, let them drain for 1-2 days and then repot. This ensures that the soil is damp when you repot making it MUCH easier and less messy. They did turn out great looking!

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