#EC274 EXACT Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose Long Form TBM Cactus 9”

TBM Long Fom Cutting: TBM Long Form Potted 8"
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Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose TBM  Long Form penis cactus cuttings available. Normal dings and dents as bridgesiis tend to show.

**Bridgesiis, and specifically TBMs are prone to fungal infections, humid and wet condtions and environments can be problematic for these guys. 

Handle with CARE and please see our FAQ for basic care info.

Cactus FAQ

**Cactus are not perfect, they may have small flaws, we try and photograph all sides of a cactus including any flaws that catch our attention, but please do not expect every spine to be perfect, these are growing cactus and like people, they have character!

Tips For Success

Customer Reviews

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Bruce H.

Can not be more pleased

Bruce H.
Bigger than advertised.

This plant was advertised as 10-12 inches. It must be twice that and is beauteous. This was my first purvhade and I will go nowhere else to buy cacti.

William O.
Beautiful specimen!!

Being a cactus owner, I'm aware that many cacti have natural spots and imperfections but this was %100 perfect-obviously well taken care of. Bravo! As usual, the shopping/shipping experience was easy.

Olga S.
San Pedro 25”

Very much appreciative of the opportunity to owe this beautiful plant. Love it, also it came with 3 extra free babies, all survived shipping, doing well and growing. Thank you!

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