Crested & Monstrose Cactus by Blaise


Blaise our 12 year old is responsible for these guys, he gets all the profit after costs!! 

These Ornamental guys come in their 3.5" plastic containers and will be labeled with their proper names unless specified in each listing.   ALWAYS wear gloves when handling!!! We will do our very best to give you all different types, if we can’t, there may be some multiples but we usually always have at least 5 different types in stock if not a few more.

*Crested cacti are almost ALWAYS made from cuttings.  Sometimes their bottoms can pull up out of the soil line, or soil comes out and shows the bottom edge, or cactus comes out altogether due to rough shipping, simply add soil to bury the bottom section. Decorative sand/gravel also works well to showcase these guys.

**Please see our Exact individual larger specimens for sale under "Cactus"

Cristate forms, or crests, occur when the cells of the growing point of a plant begin to multiply erratically, elongating the growing tip to form "fans", rather than the usual single growing point. This can occur as a result of genetics, or from mechanical damage to the growing tip in the form of sudden cold, insect damage or other causes. When a plant is crested, it develops a form which often is far more attractive and interesting than the normal plant from which it has come.

Cristate (crested) plants require less light than the normal forms. Succulent crests should occasionally be trimmed of normal growth to perpetuate the cristate form. Cristate cacti should have "normals" removed carefully, and only during the active growing season.

**Soil can get displaced during shipping, simply pinch the soil back into their containers, straighten their position and give a gentle drink/rinse of water.** 

Our optional galvanized tin pails do not have drainage holes.

You can poke a few holes yourself with a hammer and nail, screwdriver etc. or just be CAREFUL with your watering!!!! which should be the case w your cactus anyways! 

Customer Reviews

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Crested Blue Myrtle

I was so excited when it arrived. Was in great health and condition and got here rather quickly. Loving my newest addition

Adorable and obviously well-nurtured

great quality, unique find

Great service and quality

Great healthy plant and in a timely manner, just replanted!

size of plants

I was hoping to get two of your largest plants (SAME HEIGHT) on my lastest order SPINELESS CACTUS for my cactus garden. One was short(SMALL) and one was medium height. I asked for your largest plants in my order. I still think your plants and service are great however please pay closer attention to the customers requests. Tom DeBrino

Beautiful Cacti!

I purchased two crested cacti they arrived in excellent condition, and they were shipped fast! I have bought crested cacti from other vendors only for them to arrive in very poor condition. Will definitely buy from the succulent source again!