Crassula Rainbow Colored Jade - 1 Gallon

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Crassula Argentea aka Hummels Sunset Rainbow Jade in 1 TRADE gallon plastic container.  Repot in nice new container, or take cuttings and have lots of plants!  Beautiful addition to your common green Jade collection!

*****Variegation and colors can vary from pot to pot.  Variegation is the yellow coloring.  These are hybrid Jades, not your common green Jade.

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Joyce D.
Pretty Jade!

Right now there is red of tips of leaves. It is a good healthy plant!

Roz D.
My new Jade plant!

My plant was delayed in transportation. It arrived packed beautifully. It looked great. Good coloring. Good texture. One problem..most of the branches were leaning in one side of the pot. I watered the planr per your onstructions. Then i placed the plant under the dim light under my microwave. The plant was turned every 12 hours. In a couple of days, the plant assumed a round position in the pot. The colors are very bright. The plant appears to be "happy."
Your packing material was great. No damage to the mplant during shipping.
We are very happy with your company.

buy the 4"

I liked the jade and liked the variegated color. It easily was divided into three or 4 pots!

Joshua M.
Not worth it

I ordered a succulent from this company and when it arrived wasn't impressed at all. I went to The Home Depot that same day and purchased a beautiful succulent for HALF the price I paid for the succulent from this company. The succulent on the LEFT is from The Home Depot. The succulent on the RIGHT is from succulent source. I highly doubt this review will stay up because they monitor the reviews and remove the negative ones. But for those of you who actually do see this review... save your money and go buy from The Home Depot. They have a MASSIVE array of succulents and cactus plants to choose from all ranging from $5-$20.

On a side note, I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because the customer service was very helpful and they did negotiate to give me 50% off my next purchase, but I'm just going to buy from a The Home Depot for now on.

Thanks for the Review,
and yes, we're keeping your review up!!! Just to share with everyone, you ordered a rainbow jade that has multi colors, you were upset upon arrival that it was not ALL green. We also sell all green jades. We still refunded you 1/2 off, despite you not reading the description etc. we want our customers to be happy people.
By all means, if you can find a place nearby that sells you succulents and you're happy with the selection and price, please purchase from them in the future, we're ok with that. If you live somewhere far away from a good source, or the variety is few, or their conditions are poor, we'd like to earn your business!

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