Trichocereus grandiflorus ornamental cactus in 1 gallon containers

******Pictures show them blooming on April 15th 2016 and exacts blooming May of 2019, depending on the time of year you purchase, they may or may not have flower buds on them, you'll likely have to wait for them to surprise you!****

***We are also now selling Exact potted specimen  in their 1 gallon containers showing them blooming and their color! Number of pups can vary but each summer they usually fill in each container by October if not already full of pups.

 1 gallon Trichocereus grandiflorus cactus in 1 TRADE gallon containers.  They bloom beautiful flowers 1-2x a year, usually in spring, early summer.  They are also known as Helianthocereus and echinopsis.  These guys are native to Argentina and cousins of San Pedro cactus, also known for their gorgeous flowers.  They grow in clusters 16″ plus in height and come in a variety of flower colors, no way to know until they bloom!

Hybridization has created all these additional color combinations!  Awesome addition to any cactus collection!

Customer Reviews

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Arrived on time and heathy like always! Thanks

Quite pleased with my purchase.

Cactus arrived in great shape and after repotting they were a welcome addition to my cactus collection
Waiting for the first time they bloom.

Cactus came very healthy and well packaged for shipment.

The Trichocereus cactus arrived in a well packed box and looks very healthy. Instructions with the web address was provided for planting and care. Can't wait to see the blooms.

Thank you for ordering the Trichocereus grandiflorus cactus in 1 gallon containers. Enjoy!!!!

Very beautiful cactus, love it. great sizes and healthy.

We are so happy that you love your Trichocereus grandiflorus cactus. Thank you so much for your order. ENJOY!!!!
Awesome plant

Very nice sized plant with lots of little babies and flower buds!

Enjoy your Trichocereus cactus, send us a picture when she blooms!