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Use succulent cuttings for DIY projects!  Sizes, colors, types can all vary based on lots of factors!  We have access to over 100 types of succulents, cuttings may or may not be pictured, but you'll still get a variety of shapes, textures, sizes and colors.  If looking for more color and rosette shapes, please check out our rosette only cuttings, those will have more of the pastel colors!

These are simple succulent cuttings, not show specimens, they may(likely, like all of us) have flaws, spots, etc. if you don't like a leaf or 2, you can often take off and try to re-root into a new succulent!  If some leaves do the same during shipping, replant or throw away, succulents naturally lose/drop leaves in life.  Some of the cuttings you can turn into multiple smaller ones too!  Have fun with them and get creative!!  Succulents are beautiful!

Please see our videos, blogs, and Questions page for rooting info!!  Place in the shade and wait a few weeks and they’ll begin to root.  You can also lay on top of soil and the same thing will happen.  Succulent cuttings but a lot cheaper for those with a little patience

If looking for exact types of cuttings, please see the link below.

Assorted Succulent Cuttings
Cut from a variety of our stock succulent plants.

Your order may vary from the pictures, but you will receive various shapes, textures and sizes including:

Crassulas, Haworthias, Aloes, Kalanchoes, Aeoniums,
Echeverias, etc.

succulent cuttings for wedding wreath diy garden
What are their size and shape?
1-5 inches in length

Approx 1/4 Rosette (Flower) Shapes, 3/4 Assorted
succulent cuttings for wedding wreath diy garden

Ordering for an event? Leave a note at checkout so we ship at the best time.

What colors will I receive?
These cuttings are mainly GREEN hues.

Looking for more colorfulcuttings?

Check out our rosette wedding succulent cuttings.
(They are more appropriate for bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres & other DIY where you need more color "Pop"!
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succulent cuttings for events

What are some DIY cutting projects?

Living Walls
Container Gardens
Seasonal Projects
How do they stay in place?
Some cuttings have smaller length stems than others. Floral Pins are often used to hold them down until they establish their own roots!

See YouTube videos showing how cuttings can be secured for wreaths, walls etc.

You can trim them yourself and have additional cuttings!
How do cuttings stay alive?
They no longer have a way to take in water. They will slowly decline in appearance until they are rooted at which time they will begin perking up quickly.

Succulent cuttings will often look worse before looking better, allow rooting to insure this!
succulent wedding cuttings
Have more cuttings questions?
See our Cutting FAQ for info needed on rooting succulent cuttings!

If you are looking for larger cuttings or amounts, please message us.
Cuttings FAQ

Customer Reviews

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It was my first time ordering succulent from succulent source. The package came in with beautiful cuttings. Was very pleased with the order. Looking forward to ordering more soon.

I love my babies!!!

All my little cuttings arrived healthy and in perfect shape. I wasn't able to plant them for 2 whole days, but they didn't suffer at all, and now I have them in a small section of my garden in pots. I plan to bring them in for the winter and let them live outside in the summer. One lost some of his "petals" ? but I stuck them in the ground to see if they will root. I think they got too much water after a rain.

Amazing Succulents for an Even Better Price

The first thing I have to say is WOW! I have never gotten succulent for this price, let alone the amazing quality. My order came within 5 days. The succulents were packaged well, and they were in great condition. I was amazed that all of the succulent cutting that I got were different than my own plants. I can’t wait to see these cuttings flourish! I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you so much!

Will be ordering again!

Two of my cuttings came damaged which was a bummer, because I had to throw them out. But, for the rest they came in great shape. I will be getting more in the near future, hopefully all of them make it next time!

How Awesome!!!

Live in North Pole Alaska
I was so excited to get this in the mail ! Our local businesss charge a lot for the succulent families!
I am so impressed..kinda panicked a little bit at first . Anyhow went right back on your sight an followed the directions for new cuttings !! Wow far everybody is really enjoying life ! This is the 4 th week I’ve had them ! I just love these little guys ..they just make you happy ;)) Have everyone in this Dish for now ..when someone starts gettin it on ..I’m guessin I just move them on outta there ?
I do have 12 hr plant lite on them .
One of those LED lites
Anyhow I just wanna say a big huge Thank You for a great new zen experience!! God Bless you for The Happiness and Love you share with the world ! Donna

We are so happy you are enjoying your cuttings in AK!!!! You can either keep the cuttings laying on the dirt or put them on a counter or table to make it easier to see when the roots are growing. Once you have roots, then you can pot them into soil. We don't normally recommend a grow light as they can sometimes burn a plant but due to your location and hours of sunlight (and how well they are doing now), it should be fine. Just make sure the light isn't too close to them. Succulents can sunburn. Make sure that you don't water the plants at all until the roots grow in and they are potted into soil. They only get water from their roots. Please let us know if you have any other questions - just drop us an email or give us a call. ENJOY!!!!