Boutonniere Cutting - 1.5"

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These succulents work great for Corsages, accent bouquet pieces and Bouts! Approx. 1.5" in diameter.  After the event, root them up, put them in a pot or garden and have them forever to serve as a memory!! They also work great for creating Living Wall arrangements, succulent dishes/gardens, wreaths, topiaries etc. They will root quickly as well and as they grow and fill in, you can trim them yourself and have additional cuttings!

Please note: Succulents do not always come with long stems, most rosettes etc. grow close to the soil line, floral wiring is often used by the pros when making arrangements, and Floral pins to hold down on wreaths and living walls until they naturally root and can hold themselves tight!  Lots of youtube videos out there showing this!

These are healthy CUTTINGS from our Licensed Nursery. Cuttings could include Aeoniums, Echeverias, Sedums, Sempervivum, Graptosedum, etc. These pictures are a representation of our plants, each order will vary depending on season and stock available.

Please notate if you have any color preferences in the note to the seller section upon checkout.

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Customer Reviews

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Tama C.E.
Great Value!

We did succulent arrangements on top of mini pumpkins as an activity during Master Gardener training. This was a fun way to discuss plant propagation. The 1.5" cuttings were our large pieces for the arrangement and other smaller cuttings were used with it as fillers. They turned out great and everyone had fun while learning. All cuttings arrived in great shape and there was a nice variety

Valarie B.

very nice quality. Perfectly shipped. I ordered just to propagate and I haven't lost a single one and most have rooted

Love these little guys!

They arrived perfect, and I put them in my outside planters.
I get so much pleasure looking at them every single day.
Super great company!

Tomah B.
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