Soil, Pumice, Perlite, Worm Castings

Material: Soil (1/2 LB)
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Comes quart size bags in the following sizes:

  • Pumice - 1 LB
  • Soil - 1/2 LB
  • Perlite - 1/3 LB

Pumice: Top quality drainage material for all cacti and succulents. Pumice is hands down the most ideal drainage material for both seedlings and larger plants. Heavier than perlite, it stays mixed within the soil better, perlite can gradually move to the surface and wash out of containers.  It provides great drainage, ideal air pockets for roots to properly breathe between waterings, and makes larger potted plants much easier to move by lightening the weight of the container. Proportions of pumice to compost vary according to your local climate. Plants in Western localities like California and Arizona are dry and usually prefer a 50/50 mix of pumice and top quality compost. Areas with high humidity like South Florida prefer up to 80% pumice will 20% compost. Feel free to inquire about your own conditions and we'll do our best to assist you with the appropriate soil mix percentages.  (Pumice is sold to add to your own soil, not our soil)

Perlite: Perlite is a great drainage material for potted plants and especially for those who have a need for large numbers of small plants to be potted with low cost in mind. It's much lighter than pummice, a drawback is it can get washed out of containers overtime as it floats to the surface.  It's recommended for use with any cactus or succulent. An ideal way to lighten containers and increase air circulation for plants which helps quickly establish large healthy root systems. Our pumice is not loaded down with synthetic chemical fertilizers like many big box store brands.  (perlite is sold to add to your own soil, not ours).

Worm Castings: 100% pure worm wastings, an all-natural fertilizer and soil additive for your succulents and cacti.  Made from organic matter consumed and broken down by worms, these castings are highly concentrated and can be easily mixed into current soil or used as a top-dressing.  

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We are so sorry that you didn't receive all of your items. We ask that our customers contact us asap if there are any issues with the order. Please email or call us with the order number or the name on the order so we can make things right for you.
Great Deal
Soil and Pumice
Make your own custom soil buyers
Thank you for ordering the soil. We are sorry you are unhappy with it. This is the soil we use for all of our potted succulents that we sell on our website. Please be careful using sand when potting succulents as it is not conducive for releasing water.

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